Monthly Beauty Favorites | October 2015

Yes, I realize that we're already over half way through November and I'm just posting my October favorites. That seems to be the way it's been going every month lately. Think of it as a special mid-month treat. Here's what I've been loving in the last month:

If you read my recent post on my derma e haul you'll known that I've fallen hard for some of their products. Their Scalp Relief Shampoo & Conditioner are perfect for people with dry, itchy scalps and  they really manage to cool and refresh your scalp while leaving the rest of your hair smooth and silky. The conditioner is my particular favorite as it feels a bit like Icy Hot on the scalp and is incredibly soothing. Another product I fell in love with is their Scar Gel. This stuff genuinely helped make my residual red acne marks and scars fade in just a few nights of use. Every morning I wake up and I'm a bit shocked by how much clearer and less noticeable my old blemishes look. If you suffer from acne scars or an irritable scalp these products are a must try!

Those of you who know me well will know that I'm pretty much always running late. So although I never leave in the mornings without makeup on, sometimes I just have less available time to get ready. For this reason I've adored using this tiny sample of Benefit's Gimme Brow which I received with a recent Sephora order. The brow gel has a tiny brush tip which really lets you shape your arch and the fibers in the product help fill in any spots where your hair is a bit sparser. It takes so much less time than using a pencil and although it doesn't give you the same level of definition, it's more filling than a regular tinted brow gel when you're in a rush and can only swing one quick brow product.

My friend Violette kindly gave me the Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder a few months ago and I hadn't really tried it until last month. At first I thought the color would be a bit too pink but after trying it on I really fell for it. The shade is a lovely rose color that really works for my skin. The formula feels incredibly light-weight on the lips but is super pigmented. Don't expect a sheer wash of color with this stuff. It feels really comfortable, creamy and hydrating. It also has a matte finish which makes the wear time on this puppy pretty impressive. It's literally just everything you could want from a lip color in a convenient, twist-up lip crayon. I'm a bit inundated in new lip products at the moment (as you'll see in some upcoming posts) but I could definitely see myself picking up some more shades come Spring.

Shopping for concealers online can be so hard when you don't know what shade will work for you and in the case of the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer I bought the completely wrong shade. Since purchasing the shade Classic Ivory in the beginning of the year this concealer has just been gathering dust in a drawer. When going through my stash the other week I noticed it and realized just how very peachy the color looked. Because of the peachy/orange tones I decided to try using this as a dark-circle corrector under my foundation and it totally worked! The peach color does a good job of counteracting my purple-toned dark circles and the formula is pigmented enough to really give some good coverage. I then put my foundation over the top and not only are my dark circles much less prominent but you can't even tell that the concealer was the wrong color. FYI this also works with concealers that are too light for your skin and will actually give you a great Kardashian-esque highlighted effect once your foundation is layered over the top. I've become a total concealer-before-foundation convert.

The fragrance that's been rocking my socks lately is Paper by Commodity, which I spoke about in a recent post. It's woody but still fresh and light enough to not give you headaches and it's a perfect dupe for Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. It really is the perfect Fall fragrance.

My final favorite was actually a rediscovered love that had been gathering dust on a shelf in my bathroom - the ColorProof CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil. I don't know why I ever stopped using this! Just half a pump and my hair is silky smooth and incredibly shiny. It's fantastic for smoothing out frizz and breathing vitality into dry hair. Plus it's always nice to know that you're doing something extra to heat, color and UV protect your hair.

Those are the products I've been loving this past month. Have you been transitioning any of your beauty products now that we're heading into the colder months? Any new fragrances you've been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Yay! Thanks for the mention! And I definitely need to pick me up some of that Scar Gel if it works that well! I would love to minimize the appearance of my acne scarring.

    1. Of course! It really is good stuff. I don't know how it works for bumpy scars but for red marks it works really well.