My New Fall / Winter Fragrance

At the beginning of the Autumn I decided I wanted to get a new fragrance that was a bit deeper and more seasonally appropriate. Don't get me wrong, I love my Givenchy Dahlia Noir, but I was looking to spice things up a bit and I knew exactly which one I wanted to buy: Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, a fragrance that's been raved about by British beauty bloggers for its addictive nature and its unusual properties.

The reason this perfume is so unusual is that it's made up of just one ingredient, Iso E Super, a synthetic fragrance molecule that on its own doesn't really smell like anything at all. When you apply it to your skin, most people detect a velvety, sandalwood scent, but there are definitely some mixed reviews in terms of the smell and its effects.

Some people say they cannot detect the scent on their own skin but that others can smell it on them, while some notice the scent right away on themselves. There are also many claims that the perfume has an almost pheromonic quality and that it serves to attract others to you. I've heard bloggers say they have been stopped on the street and asked what they are wearing and that they seem to receive more attention from strangers while wearing the perfume. These are some pretty big claims and I was excited to put them to the test.

Since Escentric Molecules is a brand that's difficult to find in the U.S, I ordered the fragrance sight unsmell from Barneys. Suffice it to say I was really nervous about this. Even traditional fragrances can smell completely different on different people, let alone Molecule 01 which is supposed to mingle with your individual scent. And at $60 for a 30ml refill bottle, it certainly wasn't cheap.

My first reaction upon smelling Molecule 01 on myself was "Oh God. What have I done?". I knew I recognized the strange smell but couldn't put my finger on it. And then a few hours later it came to me. Church incense. Like the kind the priest waves around during mass. I was disappointed but I figured I'd give it some time and see if the fragrance changed during the day or if I would be able to pick up other notes.

Somehow, by forcing myself to wear it for a few days and get used to the scent, I became addicted. I no longer think it smells like incense, but more of a woody, plummy scent. It's somewhat androgynous and a bit deeper and moodier than what I typically go for but there's definitely something inherently sexy about it. I think it's perfect for switching things up in the colder months. I even tried switching back to my old fragrance for a day to see how I felt and I kept thinking it was just too sweet smelling.

In terms of the claims of getting more attention, I haven't had randos stop me on the street, nor have I noticed more people sniffing in my direction. I did get some lovely complements from a female coworker who admired the scent on 2 separate occasions. Even though I only lightly spritzed it on, she was able to smell me when I walked near her desk in the morning. Maybe the claims of it creating a scent ora around the wearer are somewhat true?  I haven't actually been very social lately so I will have to test the claims further while out and about.

By researching the fragrance a bit through perfume forums I learned that for a fraction of the price you can actually make a duplicate of Molecule 01 on your own at home by purchasing Iso E Super from Perfumer's Apprentice and diluting it with perfumer's alcohol. The process is incredibly simple and once I start to run out of Molecule 01 I really want to try making my own.

Do you like to change your fragrance with the shift of the seasons? Ever gotten caught up in hype surrounding a fragrance? Would you wear a perfume that enhanced your pheromones?


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    1. Thank you! It means a lot to hear that my post helped!