Affordable Skin Care From The INKEY List: Is It Worth It?

A couple of month’s ago, I stumbled across a new affordable skincare brand while perusing Sephora’s ‘New In’ section. The INKEY List, a U.K. based brand, has a range of nearly 20 products, each built around one heavy-hitting ingredient that’s designed to target a specific skin care concern. With each product costing under $15 and the clean, minimalist branding, I knew I wanted to give some of these products a go to see if they could be hidden gems. I ordered two products that filled specific gaps in my skin care routine to see if they really held up to their claims or if the pricing was just too good to be true.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum –$7.99

This serum is light-weight and feels like water on the skin. It feels a bit tacky once blended in but after about 5-10 minutes it fully absorbs and the tackiness is gone. I tend to use this day and night with another serum in my collection, just to bump up the moisture content of my skin and make it feel a bit plumper. All in all, this serum does what it claims to do – hydrates and plumps your skin with a light-weight feel that penetrates beneath the skin’s layers.

The packaging is a bit cheap and simple but if you’re careful you can be pretty precise with the amount of drops you squeeze out. The upside is that the plastic bottle would be ideal for someone who travels frequently. I find that a few drops are enough to cover my face. I’ve been using this for about two months and still have a ton of product left in the bottle, so your money really goes a long way with the serum. Although it's a great bargain for a hyaluronic acid serum, I think I actually prefer the one from L’Oreal in texture, packaging and results, despite it being twice the price.

Again, you can’t really beat a $10 eye cream. I mean, you’d be hard pressed to find something that cheap at the drugstore, let alone Sephora. The texture of the cream is almost like a cross between a gel and a cream, and much like the Hyaluronic Acid Serum has a slight tackiness until it is fully absorbed by the skin. The cream does a great job of hydrating your under eye area but since I don’t really suffer from much puffiness I can’t speak to that claim. I do, on the other hand, have pretty dark circles and slightly sunken under eyes in the mornings. I feel like the cream helps keep everything a bit smoother but doesn’t have any magic powers that are going to actually cancel out or cure your dark circles.

I do love the packaging on the eye cream because it has a pointed nozzle that really helps you be precise about how much product you squeeze out. I’ve been using this for about two months now as well and think it’s a pretty good basic eye cream if you want something light, unscented and hydrating.

So, did these products live up to their claims? In my opinion, yes. If you’re just starting out with skin care and are looking to build your routine, or are just looking for affordable, no-fuss products that help to hydrate your skin without tons of extra gimmicks or scents, these two products from The INKEY List might be worth checking out. For a hardened skin care addict or someone looking for dramatic results, these products probably wouldn’t wow you. But as a gap-filler in your current routine, The INKEY List has some great basics at even better prices.

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