Finding My Perfect Fragrance With the Commodity Fitting Kit

While perusing Sephora's website a few months ago I came across an intriguing new fragrance brand, Commodity, whose clean, minimalist packaging and personal approach to fragrance just really appealed to me. I checked out their website, read a bit about their ideas for creating an individualized scent cocktail and discovered that you can get a fitting kit with a sample of each of their 10 fragrances sent to your door. This lets you spray and play on your own schedule and pick up the scent (or combo) that works best for you.

I absolutely love the idea of a fragrance fitting kit because shopping for fragrances online can be incredibly hit or miss. Even sniffing perfumes in-store can be misleading because fragrances smell different when mixed with you personal body chemistry (rather than paper strips) and change throughout the day. Although I had to wait almost two months for the kit to be restocked it was totally worth it! There are 3 Fitting Kit options available for purchase, each with a code to redeem for a travel size or full-size fragrance. Their black and white collection consists of  half broody, intense scents and half fresh, airy fragrances. There were definitely some surprises when I finally tried the scents and some things I already knew I'd love. Here's the order in which I personally ranked them and a brief description from their website.

An invisible chameleon that keeps getting better over time. Paper is a natural aura that smells like the best version of you.

Not your average store-bought tea. A soft brew of citrus and aquatic notes infused with cooling Watermint Leaf.

A pleasant surprise in spring. Soothing notes of Lotus Verbena Dew and Jasmine create this delicate floral symphony.

The best addition to your Sunday brunch. A vibrant marriage of bubbly Champagne and sweet Mandarin.

A crisp aroma that captures the balance between fresh cool greens and musky earth undertones. Mother Nature would be proud.
Money in its liquid form. A rich concoction of Molten Amber and Nubian Musk indulgent enough to bathe in.

Brimmed with utter finesse, Gin is a rare blend of Leatherwood, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood ready for the night ahead.

A timeless indulgence filled with flavor. Layers of Mahogany Oak, Sage and Cinnamon build this profound blend of Whiskey.

Effortless warmth. Touches of Bourbon Vanilla and Haitian Vetiver craft this perfectly cozy outerwear.

With its many unexpected twists and pleasantries, Book is an exciting mixture of Spicy Cucumber and Torchwood that tips its hat to the fellow Hemingways and Fitzgeralds of the world.

Although I thought that some of the black fragrances would appeal to me they ended up being a bit too strong and heady for my taste. I was especially disappointed by Book which I was really excited to try but honestly just smelled like cucumber peel to me. I was really happy with the white fragrances which I worried would be very sweet and floral like lots of other designer fragrances but were actually very fresh and uplifting.

I knew going into it that I would love Paper because it's made up of Iso-E Super, an amazing scent molecule with a subtle, fresh woody scent and pheromone-enhancing qualities. If you happen to love Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 this is an exact dupe for a lower price. It's one of my favorite scents, especially for the Fall and Winter, so I had to pick it up! Surprisingly I also ended up loving the Tea fragrance, which is very minty, citrusy and bright. It's unlike any other fragrance I've ever tried so I knew I wanted to pick up a small bottle of that one as well.

One thing that really struck me about all the fragrances is how unique and different they all seemed. These aren't something you're going to be smelling on strangers everywhere you go and there's something I really like about that. It makes them feel a bit more special, a bit more me. I also enjoy that although there are black and white scents, they aren't actually distinguished as being designed for men or women. I love that they take away gender labels and just give everyone room to play with what they love most. Commodity encourage their customers to mix and layer their fragrances to create their own personal scent cocktail and although that seems a bit like a ploy to sell more products, I think that idea would appeal to many customers who want something more unique.

One thing I definitely need to mention is that the wear time on these fragrances is fantastic and even with just a spritz on my neck and one on my wrist in the morning, I'm still smelling the perfume at the end of the night. Once my little travel size bottle of Paper runs out I can guarantee I'll be picking up the full-size bottle. I think that with the quality of the fragrances, the uniqueness of scents and the simple stylishness of the packaging, Commodity really has it going on. If you tend to struggle with finding a fragrance that suits you and don't want to spend hours in a department store spritzing yourself, the Commodity Fitting Kit might be just what you need. Fragrance finding for the lazy girl made easy!


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