Do Crystal-Infused Bath Salts Really Work?

I’ve always been very interested in the metaphysical and spiritual. In college I had a good friend, Barrett, who first introduced me to crystal healing, and the believe that crystals and stones found in nature can act as conduits for healing, enhancing or clearing your energy. Despite being intrigued, I didn’t really jump into crystals until last year when researching alternative ways to deal with my stress and anxiety. I think it’s safe to say I dove in head first, amassing a bit of a crystal collection that would help with everything from protecting my home to helping me sleep better at night. For me, the use of crystals (certain ones in particular) has actually really helped when I need a grounding element or something to help me focus and feel more confident. Who knows, it might just be a placebo effect, but if it works the way I need it to that’s all I really care about.

The healing power of crystals is definitely not a new concept but it’s one that seems to be taking the beauty and wellness community by storm. Everywhere you look these days, more and more brands are incorporating crystals into their products. Even brands as mainstream as Bath and Body Works have whole ranges revolving around candles and body products infused with crystals.

Although I do believe in crystal healing, I’ve felt both intrigued and skeptical about these products claiming to be infused with crystals. Part of it seems a bit like just trying to cash in on a trend and makes me wonder whether there’s even enough of the crystal in the product to experience the benefits. So, when I came across the Daylesford Apothecary Moonstone Bath Soak while placing a recent TJ Maxx order, I knew I wanted to give it a try and see if crystal-infused bath products really work.

The magic of moonstone is that it brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition and psychic abilities.

Aids the pituitary gland
Calms the digestive system
Decreases emotional stress
Balances hormonal system

Balances emotions and hormones
Soothes stress
Connects us to Divine Inspiration
Enhances creativity
Alleviates nightmares and helps regulate sleep
Prevents jet lag and provides safe travel

I used these bath salts on three separate occasions to really try and give them a thorough trial run. Let’s start with a positive. This clean, minimalistic packaging is adorable, despite being just a plastic jar. It would look lovely sitting in your bathroom. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the product has little orange / dark pink chips of salt and dried blue mallow flowers in it which actually make the whole bathing process a bit uncomfortable. It kind of feels like tiny, little sharp chips sitting on the bottom of the tub waiting to poke you, and rehydrated little flowers sticking to your skin and making things a bit itchy. 

Plus, I feel like the salt and magnesium crystals were just way too big, which made them take forever to dissolve. Each time I used it I sat in a hot bath for over an hour and some of the pieces still hadn't dissolved. In terms of whether it’s an enjoyable bath soak to use, I wouldn't repurchase it. I’ve used much more comfortable bath salts that performed better for my needs and were less expensive.

A lot of the healing properties of moonstone have to do with decreasing stress and increasing your intuition. I feel like bath salts and magnesium crystals on their own have been shown to have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. I wouldn’t say that the Moonstone Bath Soak worked any better in that respect than any other Epsom salt or magnesium bath soak that I’ve used before. I actually feel like my emotions were a bit heightened and that I felt more anxious and upset after one of my baths, which is the opposite of the intended effect. I didn’t notice any changes to my intuition or psychic abilities, nor any benefits to my digestive system. I did sleep very well and didn’t experience any nightmares but that isn’t something I’ve really been struggling with since getting my weighted blanket. So, did it work? In my opinion, the addition of moonstone to this bath soak didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me.

If you really want the benefits of moonstone or another crystal in your life, personally, I would just buy a crystal and keep it near or on me. Many crystals can be placed in water (make sure you look it up as some, like Calcite, can dissolve) so you can just drop them in your tub and reuse them with whichever bath salts you like. I’ve bathed with my amethyst and clear quartz before and I feel like I felt much more connected to the crystal energy and more de-stressed than I did with this bath soak. And despite the packaging looking cute, I’d say just pick up a cute jar that you love and refill it with bath salts. I’m a big fan of Dr.Teal’s, which comes in a huge variety of scents and only costs about $5 a bag.

Have you tried using healing crystals? Is it something you’d be interested in experimenting with?

*Edit - Please note that this post has been updated to reflect additional information provided by Daylesford Apothecary via Instagram. The small pink / orange chips in the soak are actually a high quality pink salt that is sourced from a mine that gives back to the community by building schools for women. They are not pieces of moonstone as I originally assumed due to their not dissolving in my bath. 


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