A Skincare And Makeup Hybrid For Redness

Never in my history as a beauty enthusiast has it been so hard to really decide how I feel about a product as it has been with the Dr. JartTiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. Seriously, it's been a real struggle. I purchased this product over a year ago – yep, you read that right – upon the recommendation of a sales associate at Sephora. She was color matching me to a foundation I wanted at the time and noticed that I had a good amount of redness in my skin, which I do. She described it as an amazing treatment that worked great as a primer and would counteract the redness while actually working to treat the cause. She also mentioned that it would help protect against environmental aggressors and pollution while also providing an SPF of 30, so I was pretty much sold. At $52, the price was more than I would ever really spend on something like this but I read some reviews and decided to pick it up during the VIB sale with my discount.

Now, contrary to what the lovely sales associate claimed, I would never use this as a primer, nor would I recommend that anyone else do so. The product is a thick, green-tinted cream that when blended into the skin slowly adjusts to your skin tone. It comes in a pretty hefty glass pot with a little spatula to keep things hygienic. The cream has a slightly herbal scent but it's pretty mild and natural. I'd recommend using a very light hand with the treatment as you don't really realize how much actual coverage the product has until it has fully adapted to your skin, which can take up to 20 minutes. And I will tell you, the coverage is pretty shocking. I'd say it's at least a medium, even if you use a very tiny amount of product. I tend to use this in lieu of foundation on days when I'm just running some errands and don't want anything too crazy. I'll apply a tiny bit all over my face and blend it in with my fingertips. I even put my normal concealer, bronzer and powders over it and it really does act like a foundation. My pores, which are always huge, even look smaller and glazed over with this product. And I've even found that when I do take my makeup off at the end of the day, my skin actually looks better. Like the treatment actually did treat my skin.

Sounds awesome so far, right? Well, here are the problems.

This stuff feels thick and heavy on the skin. Like you can really feel it on your face...almost like a mask. But in spite of the heaviness it doesn't actually provide hydration. You most definitely need to moisturize before applying this, and that's coming from an oily-skinned girl. I had such a hard time trying to figure out which skin type this would work best on. At first I thought it would be awesome for dry skin but this stuff really does catch on any dry patches you might have and emphasizes them. So, then I thought it must be better for oily skin, but there's a bit of innate greasiness to the formula and it can become an oil slick if you don't blot consistently throughout the day. I'm an eyeglass wearer and even if I powder my skin the product completely disappears from the areas around the bridge of my nose.

So, all in all, I still don't know how to feel about this product. I think it really does help repair my skin and clearly counteracts and covers my redness but it just ends up looking like a patchy, shiny mess that emphasizes dryness on the sides of my face and feels anything but lightweight. I think I'll probably continue to use it on days when I'm just running errands and it isn't too hot out, reducing the chances of getting really shiny. It's not the kind of thing I'd want to wear for a full work day because of the heaviness and shininess. But if I just plan to wear it for about five hours it holds up pretty well and I do like the finish and coverage. The product cost me a pretty penny so I will continue to use it but can't really recommend it because I don't know who I'd recommend it to. I definitely won't be repurchasing. I know some people swear by this product so if you do want to give it a try they now make a miniature jar that's just $18.

Do you suffer from redness? What products do use to counteract it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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