The Loofa / Washcloth Hybrid

A few months ago while browsing through articles on Into the Gloss, I came across one entitled 'Leave Your Loofa For A Salux Washcloth'. Personally, I've always been left a bit dissatisfied by my loofas. I always seem to destroy them by pressing too hard in an attempt to really scrub at my skin and exfoliate. When I read about the Salux cloth I was intrigued and decided to pick up a 3-pack from Amazon to try. And boy am I glad I did.

Salux is a long, nylon washcloth that has a similar texture to a loofa, but a tighter knit and a flat shape that gives you much more control. It's coarse enough to actually give you that feeling of exfoliation but with the ease of a washcloth. The long length also means that you can hold one end in each hand and shimmy it back and forth to really scrub your back and other hard to reach places. I gave one to my sister-in-law as well and she loved it. She even pointed out that it's perfect for exfoliating the rougher skin on your feet as it left hers feeling really soft and smooth. 

Because of the nylon material, it's actually more hygienic than a regular washcloth and you can even throw it in the washing machine without having to worry that it'll fall apart on you. Because of the flat shape and the texture it doesn't soak up your body wash, which allows you to waste less product. It's great for scrubbing off dry wintry skin, and if you happen to use self-tanner, it's perfect for prepping your skin beforehand. I've had mine since May and it's still going strong. You really get your money's worth considering they cost about $5 a piece (though the 3-pack on Amazon is under $12).

I've been loving mine so much that I just wanted to share the tip to some other individuals out there who love that scratchy, exfoliated feeling you get with a body scrub or a dry brush, and are tired of their loofas falling apart on them. It's actually one of the most useful purchases I've made all year and I'm never going back. Salux convert for life!

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