A Gentler Cleanser For Sponges & Brushes

A few months ago I finally decided to splash out on an original beautyblender to see what all the fuss was about. At $20 it's much more than I ever expected to pay for a makeup sponge (though I did pick it up with a discount code) but I was left with a greater concern. Mainly, how to clean my beautyblender and other makeup sponges without destroying them in the process. Enter the blendercleanser solid.

After having my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge start to fall apart on me due to overzealous cleansing with my Dr. Bronner’s Soap, I decided I needed to try a cleanser that was specifically designed for my beautyblender. I had heard various bloggers rave about the brand's solid cleaner (several did not like the liquid version) so I thought I'd give it a try.

The bar comes in a cute, little travel-friendly case that makes it so easy to store and carry on the go. It works on both brushes and sponges so it's the only brush cleanser I took with me on my trip to Portugal this summer. I love that it also comes with this silicone scrubbing pad to use with brushes. It makes you justify the $16 a bit. It's not just an overpriced bar of soap, it's a cleansing experience.

The scent is a bit like baby shampoo - subtle but kind of comforting. Nothing that'll assault your nose. I have used this on both sponges and brushes alike and it really does get the job done. I haven't had issues with my beautyblender falling apart on me and my brushes and sponges always feel clean after using it.

Will this get rid of stubborn stains from extended periods of not washing your sponge? From experience I can say that no it won't. I feel like most people's beautyblenders start out a cheery pink and then slowly turn into an orangey/nude color as the pink dye fades and the makeup leaves its mark. Your sponges will be clean and in a way that feels less damaging - but it might still carry some battle scars. Does this work any better than any other bar of soap? I honestly can't say. But personally, I wasn't really willing to entrust a $1 bar of soap with my $20 makeup sponge. If anyone can recommend an inexpensive alternative that won't make my sponge fall apart over time, I'm all ears.

But for now I've got this adorable little bar of soap that's been going strong for months and still has many cleanings left in it. I love the convenience and portability of this product and with consistent use (cleaning every day or two) have found that it keeps my sponges clean and relatively stain free, in a much more gentle way.

What do you like to use to clean your sponges? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

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