Monthly Beauty Favorites | February 2016

Between my Frugal February spending ban and trying to use up as many products in my arsenal as possible, February was an interesting month. I rediscovered a few products I wasn't originally too wowed by and fell in love with some newbies I recently got as well. Here's what I've been loving lately.

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel
I bought this cleanser during a french skincare haul last year and really didn't use it much. Last month during my spending ban when I was trying to use up the products sitting on my shelves I pulled it out and kind of fell for it. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, but still smooth and soft. It doesn't strip my skin either, so I don't have to worry about producing even more oil. Since I rediscovered this cleanser I've been using nothing but. Score 1 for #ProjectUseItUp.

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This stuff works just like conditioner for your hair. You slather it on while in the shower and then rinse it off. The result is incredibly soft skin that smells like heaven! It features my beloved Rose Jam scent, which is citrusy, rose goodness that I just can't get enough of. If this stuff were just a bit more affordable I'd never think of purchasing another body lotion again. But seriously though, LUSH, can you just make a Rose Jam fragrance already and make my life's dream come true? Please and thank you.

Glossier Boy Brow in Black
This tinted brow mascara has a teeny-weeny brush that makes it perfect for shaping even thinner brows. It provides great hold that really keeps my hairs in place all throughout the day without leaving them crunchy or flaky. I think this is probably more ideal for someone with fuller, unruly brows. If you have patchy brows that require more filling in this probably isn't for you, as it gives you a more natural look with just a few easy swipes. I just wish Boy Brow came in a 'Dark Brown' shade as 'Black' is a bit strong for me. 

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom
Another Glossier gem I've been loving in the last few weeks. I've been pretty lazy about lip products this past month but I've been slapping this on many mornings to hydrate and add a beautiful shine that really makes my natural lip color pop. The coconut scent fades pretty quickly which I actually prefer. I've also been dabbing a bit of this onto the high points of my cheeks for a bit of a natural highlighted effect on my minimal makeup days. A tiny bit of this thick, glossy balm goes a long way.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
I've heard people rave about this puppy for ages and when I finally got my hands on it for Christmas it was love. It's a beautiful neutral color that's not too pink or too red but still gives your cheeks a little ummph. If you're usually not big on blush this would be a great one to try. 

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Stay Classy
Any polish that'll stick around on my nails for over a week without chipping is a winner in my book. Add to that the fact that this mauve color is the perfect combo of feminine and fashion forward and I haven't wanted to wear anything else.

Those are all my recent faves! Now that February is over my beauty spending ban is officially done with (*maniacal cackling*) and I've got my eye on a few things and a lot of new products I'm currently testing. So be on the lookout for new reviews this coming month!

What have you guys been loving lately? Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Hello! I know this is random and non-beauty related, but where did you get that cute notepad in the pictures?

    1. It's from Rifle Paper Co. but it's really old so I'm not sure if they still make it.