Reflecting & De-stressing with Tarot

Sometimes when I'm feeling especially lost or out of touch with myself I like to pull out my tarot cards and reflect. I got my first deck of tarot cards when I was in Junior High and loved going around doing readings for my friends and family. If I remember correctly, a lot of my readings back then involved the questions 'Does my crush like me back'? I wouldn't say that I think tarot cards "predict the future" (although I have used them to ask yes or no questions) but I like to read tarot to take a pause and really think about my behaviors and tendencies and what I want to achieve. When I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed I find doing a reading can help me feel more optimistic and focused.

Although I don't read tarot as often as I did in college, I like to do a reading at the beginning of the year to get an idea of what I can expect and to plan the direction in which I want to go. For this I usually use 'The Year Ahead' spread which uses twelve cards, placed in a circle, to break down your opportunities and mission for each month. The spread uses the astrological calendar, with the first card representing April (Aries), but you are meant to start reading from the month you are currently in (which when I did the reading was January - card 10).

According to my reading, I can expect a lot of creativity, confidence, excitement and new beginnings in the first half of the year. This makes me feel more open to new experiences and thrilled to see what's going to come my way. It also makes me feel inspired to push myself harder and go after the things I really want. I feel refreshed, inspired and driven just from reading a few cards. I also feel like I've taken the time to think about my personal behavioral pitfalls and how changing my actions can affect my path. I like to jot down a description and things to consider for each month so that I can look back through them throughout the year. Hurray for mental well-being and personal accountability!

I'm no Miss Cleo and I definitely can't remember what all the cards mean. I have some favorites whose meaning I have memorized but mostly I need to look up the cards. I always use my trusty copy of The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett which has an in-depth description of each card and a large variety of spreads with helpful hints and insight. I bought this book back in college when I was really into tarot and it's perfect for beginners. I highly recommend it. Glancing back through it I've definitely found some more spreads I want to try.

So the next time you're feeling a bit stressed or out of touch with yourself, why not try picking up a deck of tarot cards? You might not be able to divine next week's winning lotto numbers but they just might help you find a bit of yourself that you forgot about.

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