LADY BRIDGET'S DIARY (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes #1) by Maya Rodale


In the first hilarious entry in her brand new series, USA Today bestselling author Maya Rodale re-invents a love story we all know and cherish.

Lord Darcy is the epitome of perfect
Lord Darcy is the quintessential Englishman: wealthy, titled, impossibly proper and horrified that a pack of Americans have inherited one of England’s most respected dukedoms. But his manners, his infamous self-restraint and better judgment fly out the window when he finds himself with the maddening American girl next door.

Lady Bridget is the opposite of perfect 
Lady Bridget Cavendish has grand-but thwarted-plans to become a Perfect Lady and take the haute ton by storm. In her diary, Bridget records her disastrous attempts to assimilate in London high society, her adoration of the handsome rogue next door, her loathing of the Dreadful Lord Darcy and some truly scandalous secrets that could ruin them all.

They cannot stand each other-and yet they cannot stay away

It was loathing at first sight for Lady Bridget and Lord Darcy. But their paths keep crossing...and somehow involve kissing. When Lady Bridget’s diary goes missing, both Darcy and Bridget must decide what matters most of all-a sterling reputation or a perfectly imperfect love.


I absolutely adored this new take on Pride and Prejudice! I mean, for a story that's been reimagined and retold so many times over the centuries since its release you'd think a new take could only accomplish so much. But I feel like Maya Rodale was able to create a wonderful balance between a faithfulness to the heart of the story and breathing new life into characters who really stand on their own, rather than as pale imitations of the originals we love so much. 

Bridget is a sassy American heroine who as much as she tries to fit in with the British aristocracy can't help but carve her own path. She has such a great balance of spirit and self-consciousness that makes her incredibly relatable. You can't help but want to cheer her on. In fact, her whole family is endearingly quirky and their tight-knit bond makes for some great moments. I love seeing them united, sharing cake in the kitchen in the wee hours and teasing each other. It's something I could see myself doing with my own brothers and just feels so honest and natural. 

Darcy starts off just as high and mighty as one would expect of his character but he's got a seriously sultry side which I loved seeing. Yay for finally getting to see what dirty thoughts are rolling around in Darcy's mind! As much as he feigns a serious, hard exterior he has such a kind heart and is really willing to sacrifice his own happiness for his brother. Speaking of his brother, I love how Rupert differs from Wickham and how for quite some time you are unsure what his intentions or motivations really are. The mystery makes the love triangle so much more intriguing and makes you unsure how you should really feel about him until his secret is revealed. 

Another character that really caught my attention was Lady Amelia. I'm DYING to know what happened to her on her adventure and what brought around such a change in her temperament. Because you know it's gonna be good! I can't wait to see what's in store for her novel, CHASING LADY AMELIA. I thought the addition of Lady Francesca as the resident mean girl of the Ton was brilliant, as we all know that women are the ones really running the show and deciding who's hot or not in high society. Her horridness just serves to make you root for Bridget and Darcy all the more.

LADY BRIDGET'S DIARY gives you all the best parts of a story you love, with loads of creative additions for a result that's utterly original. Don't get too caught up in thinking this is a story you've heard before because it's so much more. The characters are both endearing and intriguing and there's a wonderful balance of humor and heat to make this modern take one you'll fall in love with. If you love you some awkward Americans taking British aristocracy by storm and brooding boys with hearts of gold, this is one not to be missed.

Disclosure - I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. Any thoughts and opinions shared are entirely my own.




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Maya Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her mother’s insistence and it wasn’t long before she was writing her own. Maya is now the author of multiple Regency historical romances. She lives in New York City with her darling dog and a rogue of her own.

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  1. Great review! Thank you for hosting LADY BRIDGET'S DIARY today!

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  2. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! Bridget was very unconventional and she was not annoying at all! But I think the best part of this book is the sibling relationship! I love the midnight talks in the kitchen while eating cake!