The In-Between Clean

I recently purchased the Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser thinking it was a spot cleanser that I could just spritz onto my brushes and wipe clean. Let's just say there's a reason you should always fully read labels before purchasing. The spray is actually a cleanser that needs to be applied to damp brushes and washed out like a traditional cleanser. Womp womp. Though it didn't work in the way I had expected, I've found the perfect way to use it.

As a cleanser it's very easy to use - just spray it on, rub it into the bristles using your palm and rinse. The spray creates a good amount of lather that really gets my brushes clean. This stuff has a very strong perfume-like scent which might be a bit much for some people, though I like the scent that lingers on my brushes. I would recommend spraying it far away from your mouth to avoid bursting into a coughing fit (as I did several times).

All in all I think this seems like a less harsh, faster way to cleanse my brushes. The whole process only takes a few minutes. I actually feel like my brushes dry a bit faster as well, though they still need to sit out overnight. Personally, I think this is a great cleanser for washing your brushes in between deeper cleanings. This is the cleanser I reach for when I'm pressed for time and just need certain brushes cleaned for the next day. It removes more product that spot cleaning but isn't as intensive as a good ol' fashioned shampooing. It's the perfect in-between clean.

Have you tried spray cleansers for you makeup brushes before? How do you best like to clean your brushes? For me the worst part of the whole process is waiting for my brushes to dry, so if anyone has any tips or tricks please let me know in the comments below!

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