Gift Ideas for Romance Readers

Shopping for a book lover can be a bit difficult at times. On the one hand, you could probably just give them an Amazon gift card and call it a day, but that can seem a bit lazy. If you know someone's TBR pile is already a mile high, you might not want to give them yet another novel to add to the list (and risk having it be something they aren't even into). Sometimes you just want to give those quirky, fun trinkets that put a smile on someone's face. I've put together a list of things I think a fellow romance reader might enjoy receiving this holiday season. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of romance readers in the world, so I've tried to capture different aspects with different items. I've even got some things thrown in that a general book geek would enjoy. Though some of the items are very straight-forward in their bookishness, some were chosen more for their spirit and the fact that I think certain romance lover would enjoy them. I've broken up the gifts into several different categories to make the guide a bit easier to navigate.


1. Urban Outfitters Cheeky Tea Cup - $12.00

For the sassy lady who loves a bit of refinement with her whiskey. 
2. Teak Bathtub Tray Caddy - $39.99
For a woman who knows a good pamper session requires a great read.
3. Bookworm Boutique Please Go Away Throw Pillow - $20.00
You always need a comfy pillow when you're getting cozy with a book. 
4. Bookworm Boutique Non-Fictional Feelings Mug - $15.00
Because this mug is the story of my life.
5. Design Atelier Article Wooden Ampersand Bookend - $35.00
A beautiful way to accent your novels and class-up your bookcase. 
6. Cheltenham Road Book Lovers Coaster Set - $20.00
Because coffee and tea are a book's sidekicks and your tables shouldn't suffer for it. Plus, they look cool.
7. Blush Face Blow Me Mug - $16.00
Smirk. Because clever puns. 
8. Mermaid For Each Other Bookends - $44.99
Every woman has at one point dreamed of being a mermaid. This is for the reader who loves a bit of fantasy. 
9. Letter Lounge Book Letter - $16.00
I love the idea of turning a book into a decorative accent. This adds a bit of personalization to a space.
10. Brookish Jane Austen Quote Mug - $16.00
Because Austen spoke the truth and homebodies rule. 


1. Frostbeard Studio Romance Tea Light Sample Pack - $12.00
A whole set of romance themed scented candles! I've always wondered what a sexy librarian smells like. 
2. Darkness Void Victorian West Highland Terrier Bust Candle - $10.00
A bit serious and Victorian, and a bit wacky. Oh, and honey scented. 
3. Bubble and Geek Big Damn Heroes Candle - $14.00
Because I would love for my house to smell like big damn heroes. No, seriously. Can it, please?
4. Anthology Candles Gatsby's Party Candle - $16.00
Ain't no party like a Gatsby party because a Gatsby party don't stop until two people are dead. 
5. The Parlor Apothecary Boudoir Tonic - $38.00
Because she's always secretly wanted a perfume atomizer...and to use the word 'boudoir' in an everyday conversation.
6. Frostbeard Studio Reading at the Cafe Soy Wax Tarts - $6.75
For the reader who thinks that coffee and books should have their initials carved together on a tree. C + B 4EVR. 
7. The Melting Library Through The Stones Duo - $18.00
For the Outlander fans, and the readers who dream of being pulled back through time into the arms of a sexy Scot.
8. Feather and Wax No. 20 Spine. - $18.00
For someone who takes a nice deep whiff when reading old books and sighs in delight. Bet you didn't think there were this many book related candles out there, huh?


1. Thug Life Shirts I'm A Lady Tee - $27.95
You can be both incredibly intelligent and a potty mouth, but always a lady. 
2. Alphonnsine Sleep All Day Read All Night Shirt - $26.00
If this isn't your motto then you don't love books enough. 
3. Baby Got Book Tote - $19.99
Because every expedition to the library requires a sturdy tote.
4. Chick Lit Designs Author Quote Necklace - $24.00
I actually own one of these puppies and it's beautiful. It's like the words of great authors are written against your throat...but in like, a totally cool and unpainful way. 
5. Minthologie Studio Ampersand Bracelet - $15.00
Dainty and delicate. A subtle piece that goes with anything. I do love me a good ampersand. 
6. Neena Creates Library Quote Tee - $25.00
For those for whom a library is a little corner of paradise. 
7. PS Besitos Jane Eyre Book Clutch - $66.99
Looks like a book but holds all your junk. 
8. Look Human Punk Princess Mermaid Tee - $20.00
For all the bad-ass Disney princesses living inside of us. We can be both a mermaid and a punk rocker.
9. Sayonara Baby Spank Me Brooch - $6.14
I think this cuteness speaks for itself. 
10. Chicklit Designs Book Nerd Banner Necklace - $21.00
Because reading is always sexy. People just forget it sometimes. 


1. The Bookworm Prints Keep Reading Lloyd Alexander Print - $15.47
I'm a sucker for some good typography. 
2. Madame Bricolage Print Tattooed Woman in Corset - $11.08
For the woman who in her heart of hearts is both a duchess and a biker. 
3. Pemberley Pond Jane Eyre Quote Print - $18.93
A beautiful rendering of an evocative quote. Bet you never thought of it in quite this graphic way. 
4. Loopy Lolly Dandy Fox Illustration - $28.00
This serious and kooky print gives me all the feels. For the modern reader who loves a good Regency.
5. The Bookworm Prints A Book is a Dream Print - $15.47
Some more on point typography. It's minimalist, chic and totally captures the heart of a reader. 
6. Pemberley Pond Mr. Darcy Poster - $18.93
Because many a romance lover has swooned over Darcy in a pond. 
7. Inspire and Motivate Sleep is Good Digital Download - $6.19
Books > Sleep.
8. Mad Hat Co. Inked By The Beast 16X16 Print - $30.00
Because Belle, books and Beast make for a sexy combination when they're tatted up. 
9. Pemberley Pond North & South Print - $18.93
North & South is my historical mini-series of choice. Mr. Thornton owns my heart.
10. Mint Afternoon Jane Austen Cameo Digital Download Print Set - $10.00
How good would these two look up on a wall together? And because they're a digital download you can get them printed at the last minute (no worrying about shipping) and even print a copy for yourself. 
11. Brilliant Business Mom Sleep Less Read More Digital Download - $5.00
When you love sleep, but love books more. The eternal struggle. 
12. Printable Wisdom Northanger Abbey Digital Download - $5.00
Northanger Abbey is actually my favorite Austen novel. This quote is one of my favorites. 


1. Paper and Honey Shop Hand Lettered Notepad - $10.00
Because all good schemes should be written down.
2. Harvest Paper Co. Library Cards - $8.00
I don't know what I'd use these cards for but I do know they make me happy. The essence of a great novelty gift.
3. Cultural Bindings Library Card Journal - $5.86
One can always use a cute notebook. 
4. Florealpolla Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy Stickers - $1.90+
These stickers! The cuteness knows no bounds. 
5. Amy Made Creations Sarah MacLean Custom Bookmark - $19.00
For the reader who loves books full of smooching. 
6. Harvest Paper Co. F*ck The Paperwork Pencils - $2.00+
I love all of the custom pencils you can find on Etsy. They make you feel fancy like no other pencil can. Plus, this one has a 'Fifty Shades' quote that captures everyone's hatred of paperwork. 
7. Mind The Wrap Bookshelf Die Cut Washi Tape - $6.00
For the crafty bookish babe. I don't know what to do with washi tape but I know it's adorable. 
8. Wax Seal Kit - $17.00
I've always dreamed of having my own wax seal and sealing my letters. 
9. Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Birch Floral Planner - $34.00
For planning all the books you'll read...and all the other stuff you'll do, I guess.
10. Oraton Rubber Stamps Library Embosser - $19.50
Because nothing says "this book is mine" like your name embossed on it. 


1. Tattoorary Large Floral Temporary Tattoo - $10.00
For the reader who loves biker romances but can't commit to a real tattoo. Plus, it kind of looks like fine china. 
2. So Shabby Cottage Mr. Darcy Keychain - $8.99
Everyone could use a little Mr. Darcy in their pocket. Especially when he's so darn cute. 
3. Bookworm Boutique Sorry I Only Date Werewolves Laptop Sleeve - $28.80
If werewolves aren't your thing this sleeve also comes in cyborg, immortal, angel and demon hunter. 
4. Fia Mia Cases Angliophile Case - $19.00
Between the pale pink and Shakespeare graphic, this is the cutest way to represent my feelings about fools. 
5. The Storymatic Game - $29.99
For the romance reader who loves to play games, a card game where all the players create a story together. 
6. Check Me Out Library Kit - $14.99
Because loaning your books out can be awful, here's a kit to keep things civilized. 
7. Novel Teas - $12.50
For the tea loving reader. Each bag's tag features a literary quote. 
8. Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar - $14.99
These are a few of my favorite things.
9. Litographs Jane Austen Temporary Tattoo - $5.00
Obviously, I have a thing for temporary tattoos. Nothing says "I love books" like a book tattoo with a quote about how great reading is. 
10. Exhibition by Michael Stokes - $83.44
This books is art. Michael Stokes' photography is amazingly powerful (especially his work with Veterans). But also, sexy dudes. 

Hopefully this list has given you some gift ideas for the romance lover in your life - or, if you're like me, just more fodder for your own wish list. I tried to pick some fun, quirky items which would definitely make your gift a memorable one. Try to think outside of the box because readers love creativity! A little extra thought can really show you care. Maybe even put together a couple of items, along with a novel or gift card, for the ultimate book lover's gift basket! 

Did any of the items stand out to you? Any you're coveting for yourself? Anything you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.


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