Rebecca Minkoff Dupes Under $35

While perusing the Forever 21 website recently I came across several bags that are dead ringers for some gorgeous designs by Rebecca Minkoff. I'm a huge fan of her handbags and although I only own one, I am constantly scoping out sales to see if I can find a new addition to my collection. Most of her bags come with a $175+ price tag, and that isn't necessarily in everyone's budget, but now you can get the same look for a fraction of the price.

Medium M.A.B Tote - $158.00 (on sale)

Collin Camera Bag - $144.90 (on sale)

Obviously, with a price cut that big you can't expect the quality or the design to be as good as the original but if you just like the look and don't care about having real leather or a special label then these budget bags are definitely worth checking out. Personally, if I'm just using a bag to run around doing errands, or even if I'm heading to a bar, I don't like to carry something expensive that I might risk spilling a drink on. I guess I'll just never be that girl carrying a designer bag to the grocery store. Do you own any Rebecca Minkoff bags or would you consider picking up any of these look-alikes? Let me know in the comments below.

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