Monthly Beauty Favorites | August 2015

After taking a couple of weeks off from blogging to take care of some family business, Cris Conquers is back with a typically belated 'Monthly Beauty Favorites' post! I haven't been playing around too much with my makeup but I've found a couple of new products and some old favorites that were really working for me last month. Here's the breakdown.

When I picked up this product a couple of months ago I really didn't expect it to make a big difference to my stretch marks. Although I've heard many people rave about this oil, my stretch marks have been around for ages and have long since turned white, so I didn't expect anything to really be able to help fade them. Maybe that's why I was so blown away with the results. This definitely isn't a miracle in a bottle - so don't go out and pick it up thinking it will be - but for me, it dramatically improved the texture and visibility of the stretch marks on my arms, to the point where I don't even really notice them anymore. In terms of use, I usually just slather my marks with Bio-Oil when I get out of the shower, rather than the recommended twice daily. Honestly, I'm pretty enamored with this little gem and highly recommend it if you have any stretch marks or scars you're trying to fade. Remember, like with anything, consistency is key. 

I won this acne spot treatment from Escentual a few months ago and finally pulled it out after running out of my usual spot treatment. At first I thought this might be a bit too gentle to actually get the job done but with consistent use I noticed that I was breaking out less and less, with fewer visible spots. It has a yellow tint which you actually don't really notice once it's rubbed into the skin. If you have sensitive skin but still suffer from the occasional blemish I think this product would be ideal for you. 

Like the Bio-Oil, I also picked this up in a recent Walmart haul and have really enjoyed using it the past month. I like whipping it out on days when I am going for something a bit more casual as it doesn't offer as much staying power as some of my other foundations. Although it can get shiny throughout the day, especially on my oily skin, it doesn't breakdown in a way that looks blotchy or patchy. It also has some pretty good medium coverage for its incredibly low price tag. A great budget BB if you're in the market for one.

I've been a fan of the Cocoa Radiant version of this moisturizer since it was first released but had never tried the aloe scent until Influenster recently sent it to me to try. It works the same way as the cocoa spray but has a fresh, green scent that's perfect for the summer. I also think this scent is a bit more gender neutral, so if you have a man in your life who needs more moisture on his skin but can't be bothered with the extra time it takes to rub in lotion, this might be the perfect solution. 

I never thought I'd be the kind of person who'd shell out $10 for a pack of blotting sheets but Boscia has definitely proven me wrong. These sheets are absolutely worth the money, which I learned the hard way after running out of my first pack. My $1 packs from e.l.f. just don't hold a candle to these. The sheets are bigger, and absorb more oil without disturbing my makeup. They also contain 100 sheets in a pack and somehow last several months, even though I use them daily. If you suffer from oily skin these are a must try. 

I received this mini cream blush as a 100 point perk from Sephora almost 2 years ago and this baby is still going strong! It's the perfect dusty rose color that just adds a bit of glow to your cheeks without looking greasy or feeling sticky. It's probably the most used blush in my collection because it just goes with any makeup look. I broke this blush out most days in August because I just wasn't playing around with my makeup much and knew I could rely on it to keep me looking fresh. 

Though it's not a very exciting lineup, these are products that I've genuinely been relying on in the past month and some that I really can't live without. Have you tried any of these in the past? Any new loves I should check out? I'm always excited to hear what products are working for other people or if someone had a different reaction to one of my loves. And if you have any beauty-related questions don't hesitate to ask!


  1. I used to exclusively use Stila's convertible color (in Petunia!) as my blush but this summer I switched to Tarte's cheek stains. They're dewy and fresh and (I think) a little easier to apply and blend that Stila. I'm partial to Tipsy, Flush and Blissful because I'm more olive-skin-toned I think.

    1. Oh I've never tried them before but I've always wanted to try Flush. The only thing that kept me from picking one up was that someone told me they reformulated them. Which is your favorite?