Sunday Stuff

For me, the perfect Sunday is filled with relaxation and pampering. I'm all about those lazy Sundays where you sleep in late and spend a good chunk of the day just reading. Here's a look at how I spent my Sunday.

You can't have a great Sunday without a good cup of coffee. I don't like drinking coffee first thing in the morning but will usually have a cup around mid-day while reading. Today I started an amazing book by Maya Rodale called Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels, Explained. I've hundreds of romances but I've never read a whole book about romance novels and what goes into creating them. As a former sufferer of 'romance reader stigma' I've definitely been guilty of hiding the covers of my books with book sleeves on public transportation to avoid being judged. I'm really excited to dive into this book and see how my experience with romance compares to that of other readers. Plus, how gorgeous is this cover?

I'm a list maker by nature, and Sunday is the perfect day for me to collect my thoughts and plan out what I need to get done. If you were to look at my phone you'd see all kinds of list for blogging, shopping, podcast-related ideas and just random things I don't want to forget. As nice as it is to have those lists always on hand, sometimes you just can't beat the simple pleasure of sitting down and physically writing out what you want to accomplish.

Sundays are also the perfect time to fit in a pamper session. There's no better way to decompress than with a hot bubble bath and a face mask. You just feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world. Today I got my pamper on by breaking out a sheet mask from SK-II that BzzAgent sent me to test. It was the first sheet mask I had ever tried and felt very wet and a little bit ridiculous. I mean, I kind of looked like Jason from Friday the 13th. It did leave my skin feeling incredibly hydrated and plump so I think it's perfect for suffers of dry or dull skin.

I always find that giving myself a manicure helps me relax as well. There's just something about the repetitive ritual and the process of shutting down your thoughts and only focusing on achieving smooth, even layers. For today's nail look I used Sinful Colors' Nail Enamel in 'Southern Belle', which is a lovely purple berry color. It's not the kind of color I would usually go for but Influenster sent it to me to try and I wanted to give it a go. I've been a fan of Sinful Colors polishes for years because they're so inexpensive ($1.99 at the drugstore) and have an amazing color variety. I was really impressed by how easily and opaquely the enamel applied. This stuff out-performs Essie nail polish in my estimation and it's a quarter of the price!

To wrap up my pamper session I threw on a bit of Caudalie's Hand and Nail Cream which smells like white grapes and herbs and leaves my hands and cuticles hydrated. Moisturizing is usually one of the beauty areas in which I tend to fall short so I like to throw on a bit of hand cream whenever I remember. It's easy to take your hands for granted so it's nice to give them some love when you can.

My Sunday also included a nap because I take my lazy Sundays very seriously. I'm planning to wrap up the day with another cup of coffee, some more reading and some cuddles with my cat. All in all, a supremely relaxing day.

How do you like to spend your Sundays? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. How are you enjoying the Rodale book? I'm so curious about it!

    My Sundays are all about laundry unfortunately, but I definitely make time for a nice cup of coffee. :)

    1. I just started it really but got a bit sidetracked this week and haven't been able to read much. I'm super excited about it, though. I definitely foresee reviewing it on the blog. My favorite thing to do on Sundays is take a nice long bath and read in the tub. Bliss!