Two New Eye Products From CoverGirl

I've never been the biggest fan of CoverGirl cosmetics. I don't know if it's the packaging or their perky, girl-next-door image, but they were never really a brand that I gravitated towards while perusing the drugstore makeup aisle. In recent years I've stumbled across some amazing base products from themtheir Stay Fabulous Foundation is one of my must-havesbut I've yet to delve into their eye products. I've heard so many people rave about their mascaras, so when Influenster offered to send me CoverGirl's new The Super Sizer Mascara and their Intensify Me! Liquid Liner to test out I was really excited!

As the name 'Super Sizer' would imply, the mascara claims to crank up the volume on your lashes by up to 400%. That's a pretty hefty claim right off the bat. The plastic wand has tons of tiny little bristles and widely spaced longer ones to apply product to the root of your lashes and create a more dramatic look. The brush head is a bit flat and kind of flares out that the tip. They recommend that you twirl the brush while applying to help curl the lashes and spread the product evenly throughout your lashes. I did see a visible increase in the length and thickness of my lashes and never had any issues with smudging or flaking under my eyes. Unfortunately, my biggest concern when it comes to mascara seem to be "Does it hold a curl?" and unfortunately The Super Sizer gave me long, full lashes that only wanted to point downward. Length and volume are wonderful but they don't really do anything for me if I have to turn sideways for anyone to notice how great my lashes look. For me, this mascara just isn't optimal for the fanned-out, curled look I want to achieve, but if you are already blessed with some bodaciously curved lashes, this mascara was made for you, It'll give you that extra length and oomph, even if you have short, wimpy lashes.

As much as I absolutely love a good Cat-Eye, liquid liner and I are not on the best terms. Personally, I think drawing on the perfect flick and keeping from going overboard are probably the hardest things to master when it comes to applying makeup. A few years back I definitely had more skills in this department but these days ain't nobody got time for liner in the mornings. On weekends and when I'm going out I do break out the liner and I was definitely intrigued by paddle-shaped tip of the Intensify Me! Liquid Liner. The flat felt tip actually did help a lot with creating a thin, even streak across my upper lash-line. It was a bit slow going but the flat edge was easy to rub into the root of my lashes to get an understated, smooth line. The black color was sufficiently black but nothing to write home about. Where this really failed for me was in the staying power. You can absolutely not touch your eyelids when you have this on. It smudges and fades and just doesn't stay put for very long. If you have oily lids I probably wouldn't even bother.

I really appreciate the design ingenuity that went into both of these products and the innovative shapes they tried to go for, but unfortunately these products just didn't perform the way I needed them to. I do think that the mascara would be great for someone who doesn't suffer from my impossibly straight lashes but the liquid liner really needs more lasting power. Does this mean I won't be giving CoverGirl another shot? No, I'm still really hopeful that there's a CoverGirl mascara out there with my name on it.

Have you tried these products yet? Did they work for you? Any CoverGirl products you absolutely recommend? Seriously, if you know of a good curling mascara please let me know!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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