What I've Been Watching | March & April 2015

It's been an insanely long time since I got up on my soapbox and proclaimed my love for some TV shows. Usually I like to post a monthly edit of what I've been watching, whether it was online, on TV or on Netflix, but March and April were a bit hectic for me and so I've combined both months into one big (and very diverse) love fest.

I started off March with nothing that I really needed to catch up on and nothing new, currently on TV, that I was watching faithfully. This of course meant that I needed to find some TV distractions via Netflix and the inter-webs. For some reason I thought it would be the perfect time to watch the last couple of seasons of Hart of Dixie, which I had given up on in the very beginning of the 3rd Season. I had dropped the show because I was unhappy with where the story-line was going but after hearing some recent spoilers, I had hopes that the show was moving in a better direction. And it did! Though it definitely took a whole lot of Season 3 to finally get to a place where Zoe and Wade were together.

Although I binged on over 30 episodes and did enjoy it, there are some negatives about the show which became increasingly apparent. It's incredibly incestuousall the characters date each other, break up and swap partners, over and over again. Also, many of the characters seem to be stuck in cyclical patterns where they're just going back and redoing everything from 2 seasons ago. And don't get me started on the black hole that is George Tucker. They keep giving him new story-lines and love interests that all go nowhere. The acting is definitely nothing to write home about and like I mentioned, there are elements that annoy me, but all in all, I just enjoy this show. There's just something so simple about it that keeps me coming back for more, even when I try to fight the urge.

Another love for the month of March was Sherlock, which I had never watched before but decided to binge on via Netflix. It's got some amazing writing and acting and with episodes that last 80+ minutes, each one feels like a mini-movie. It does have an overall cinematic quality which makes you feel like you're binging on something good for you. I think the chemistry between the characters is fantastic and I especially loved the complex, psychotic mind of Moriarty. I finished all three seasons in a few days and just can't wait for the next one to be added.

April was a bit more diverse in terms of TV watching. I started off the month by taking a trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio which meant being exposed to some new TV shows I had never seen before. Married at First Sight sounds like the most ridiculous, contrived reality show imaginable but there's something so incredibly addictive about watching two complete strangers meet and get married and then try to sort out all that tricky love business after the fact. Some of the characters are so ridiculous and selfish that you can't imagine anyone actually wanting to marry them in the usual way. Basically, it's a dramatic, often-times funny, trashy reality show that just hits the spot.

When I came back from my trip I spent a weekend catching up on some of my recent favorites that I'd fallen behind onprimarily Allegiance, Stalker and Scandal. Although Stalker and Allegiance were both recently cancelled, I stand by my love for them. They're both suspenseful dramas whose story-arcs were well developed and kept me interested. They honestly deserved better but at least they got a full season run.

Another one of my favorite shows, Outlander, returned in April, and it came back with a bang! The show is more exciting and gut-wrenching than ever. They seem to have added an even healthier dose of nudity to spice things up as well. I'm completely engrossed in Claire and Jamie's story and am a bit broken-hearted by the fact that there are only 2 episodes left in the season.

My final TV favorite for April was a very old favorite from my younger daysGilmore Girls. My TV podcast, Antenna Heads, recently started a new series where on each episode we re-watch three episodes from one of our favorite childhood shows and Gilmore Girls was the first show to be picked from the hat. After we recorded the episode I kind of got pulled back into the Stars Hollow world and the drama that seems to surround the Gilmores. This is actually one of the only shows I can think of that was just as good when the main character graduated High School and went off to College. If you've never seen the show or haven't watched it in ages, I'd definitely recommend streaming it on Netflix (except for the absolutely awful seventh, and final, season).

That's everything I've been enjoying watching for the last 2 months! If you want to hear more about what I'm watching on a weekly basis and what my thoughts are on some newer shows, check out my TV podcast Antenna Heads. What have you been loving lately? Any shows I should check out?

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