What I've Been Watching | February 2015

My TV viewing this past month has been highly influenced by my podcast, Antenna Heads. I've been watching lots of new (though not great) shows lately and have relied mostly on some returning favorites to unwind, though two new loves were discovered. Here's what I've been watching lately:

The only new comedy I added to my lineup in the last month was Broad City. It's often compared to Girls because it centers around 20-something female friends living in NYC but I personally think Broad City is much funnier. Abbi and Ilana are often just as self involved and ridiculous as the ladies on Girls but I find them a million times more likable. I binged on a season and a half in one night and I can't wait to see what these girls will do next.

I recently started watching Allegiance because of my podcast and actually really enjoyed it, which was kind of a surprise to me. I'm not usually into political spy thrillers but I really love the main character and enjoy his quirks. I also think that the acting is fairly good and that the twists are introduced in a way that keeps you guessing. I've been keeping up with it week to week and see myself continuing to do so for the foreseeable future, until it does something that annoys me or makes me lose interest.

I know I mentioned Velvet a couple of months ago in my TV favorites but it's back and it definitely deserves to be included. I've actually been keeping up to date with the second season as it airs in Spain and boy, has it gotten gooooood. Every week I couldn't wait to see what would happen next with Las Chicas Velvet. The season just ended and it's going to be a hard few months before it's back.

I also mentioned Empire in a recent TV favorites, but honestly, if I could mention it more than once in a single post I would, because it deserves it. This show is just EVERYTHING. It's probably my very favorite thing on TV right now and it's so hard to believe because before watching it I thought it would be a total flop. It's become a ratings juggernaut and it's totally deserved. Not only am I obsessed with Cookie as a character but I've grow to love the whole Lyon clan and the drama they thrive in. I even listen to the music from the show at work and while writing at home. I could wax poetic about the lyrical majesty that is Can't Truss Em or the support group you'll need to get over your addiction to Drip Drop but I'll leave it at "the music is great".

What have you all been watching lately? Have you gotten hooked on Empire yet? Anything I should check out?

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