The New Real Techniques Scultping & Concealer Brushes

Real Techniques recently added two new brushes to their original collection, The Sculpting Brush and The Concealer Brush. When I saw that they were being offered for $13 through an IpsyMe deal a few weeks ago I knew I needed to add them to my collection (and I do have quite a collection of Real Techniques brushes). I mean, look at that Sculpting Brush! It was just calling my name. I wasn't too interested in the Concealer Brush but the price was right so I figured I'd give them a try.

Like the rest of the collection, these brushes are incredibly soft, sturdy and comfortable to use. I've never has an issue with these, or any of my other Real Techniques brushes shedding. The Sculpting Brush has short, dense bristles which make it ideal for precision contouring and blending. You can really carve out some cheekbones with this baby. The angle also makes it good for applying blush to your cheeks. I've been using it non-stop since I bought it!

The Concealer Brush on the other hand is a different story. It's almost like a small, angled, flat foundation brush but with a fluffy tip. I have tried using it for concealer but it's the kind of brush where you need to use the sides to lay product flat on your face. Usually I prefer concealer brushes that are almost like mini buffing brushes to really blend in any rough edges. This just doesn't cut it for blending as it's more suited to precision application. It does work really well for getting into the corners around your nose and eyes. I think where this brush would really shine is with highlighting, as it has a great angle and a more precise head. 

Are you a fan of the Real Techniques original collection? Have you tried any of their new Bold Metals brushes? What are your favorite concealer and contour brushes?

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