New Brush Storage: The Chalkboard Pail

In the past couple of months it seems like my makeup brush collection has multiplied, leaving the tiny mason jar I kept them in overflowing. Seriously, it had already gotten to the point where I needed to pull out brushes just to put others back in long before I made the decision that this just wasn't going to cut it anymore. And then I got even more brushes and it definitely wasn't going to work. In hopes of finding a storage solution I headed to my local Target and what I found was too cute not to share.

As one does when they're at Target, I hit up the One Spot, also known as the dollar-priced mother-load. Budget friendly storage options abound in this heavenly aisle but my eye gravitated towards this adorable little chalkboard pail. It wasn't quite the Ikea SKURAR-eque beauty blogger standard that I was aiming for but it was fun and had a customizability that I could get behind. I'm not your typical beauty blogger (what with my also being a romance novel reviewer and TV podcaster) so why should my beauty storage be the usual?

And what other bounty did from the One Spot spring forth but a chalk marker! No getting chalk all over my hands like a schlub for this girl. So for $2 I got a roomy new storage solution for my face brushes. God, I love Target!

Have you found anything amazing in the dollar section at Target? How do you store your brushes? Let me know.

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