January Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal & Review

Another month is over, and with it, another Ipsy bag was received, tested and reviewed. Here's a look at what I got in my January Fresh Start Ipsy bag and what I thought.

This was the sample I was most excited about last month since I've only tried one thing from Jouer and I was a big fan. The Essential Lip Enhancer is a barely-tinted moisturizing gloss with a slightly greasy feel and a mild rose and honey scent. I've been loving putting this on before bed because I wake up with my lips feeling moisturized and already prepped for whatever lip product I decide to apply for the day.

It seems like I've suddenly become over-saturated in makeup brushes. Ipsy has sent me quite a few eye-shadow brushes over the last few months and though this one is soft, it isn't really that much different from my other shadow brushes. It works well for applying powder shadow all over the lid and is still fluffy enough to blend out any rough edges. It's a nice brush to have in your collection, but since I already have so many that are similar it didn't really wow me.

This is probably the product I've gotten the most use out of. Ethereal is a very pale gray/taupe color that is unlike any other color I really have in my collection. The shadow has a creamy, softer texture and a very shimmery finish. I was kind of at a loss for how to wear it but decided to wear it all over the lid with a little bit of a shimmering lavender color in my crease and it looked perfect together. It's a lovely pastel eye look that I'm sure I'll be wearing tons in the spring.

This eye shadow, on the other hand, I doubt I'll get much use out of, I'm generally not a fan of loose pigment shadows and this one is really just gives off more shimmer than actual color.

I was actually really disappointed when I saw that I would be receiving this product because I hate getting individual-use products in little pouches. How can you actually know if you like something from just one use? But this sample actually has a lot of product in it. I used it for over a week straight and it's not even half done. Plus, it has a little capped spout so that the product is properly sealed and doesn't spill all over the place. The moisturizer itself has a green-tea/cucumber sort of scent and a very light texture. I think this would be the perfect thing to take with you if you're travelling.

January's makeup pouch was fairly sporty-lookingblue on one side, white on the other, with an orange zipper. Not something I would ever have picked out for myself but it's sturdy and thick. Overall, I wasn't very impressed with my January bag. There wasn't anything in it that really wowed me or anything I can't live without.

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