A Bit of A LUSH Haul + Review

A few weeks ago I decided to pick up some products from LUSH I had been eyeing and give them a whirl. After giving them all the time and attention they deserved I'm ready to fill you in on what I bought and what I thought.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask 
This blue-green mask smells like blueberries and has a fairly wet texture (though it does dry a bit in the container over time) that makes it easy to spread on. Since the mask is made from fresh ingredients it has to be kept refrigerated and only lasts for a couple of weeks. There's even a cute little sticker on the bottom that tells you who made the product and when it expires.

Let me just say that putting a chilled mask on my face felt very oddespecially in the dead of winterbut it was very calming. I imagine that in the middle of the summer it must feel like heaven. I used the mask on several different occasions to really test it out and found that the little tub shockingly lasted for about 4 to 5 uses. I did notice that the results were more prominent when I really applied a thick layer to my face and would recommend not skimping when applying, even though it might take you down to just 3 to 4 uses. My skin felt clean and incredibly soft, and most surprising of all, my pores looked much smaller.

The fact that these masks are fresh and expire in a couple of weeks definitely forced me to mask more often than I usually remember to, resulting in happier, clearer skin. If you're looking for a vegan, organic mask that'll deep clean and calm your skin, stop by a LUSH store to check this out.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
After receiving the Rose Jam Shower Gel for Christmas and falling in love with the scent, I was on the hunt for more products with the same smell. I've gotten into the habit of taking bubble baths this winter and I really wanted to try one of LUSH's bubble bombs, so the Rose Jam Bubbleroon was the perfect starting point. It has that amazing rose and citrus scent that I adore and can be split in half and used for 2 baths. Unfortunately, it doesn't create as many bubbles as I had hoped but it smelled amazing and turned the water pink. I almost feel like the bubbleroon is more fragrant in its dry form than wet. When I had it in the shopping bag for a few days it made my whole room smell like roses but I didn't really notice the scent as much in the water. Kind of a bummer but the scent is still aces!

This rose-scented, heart-shaped beauty caught my eye right away. There's something so romantic-looking about it. In truth though, the only thing that really makes this worth using is the scent. I've never had a bath bomb smell so strong and have the scent last so long in the water. Long after I had left the tub, I could still smell the rose scent on my skin. Though the rosebuds look cute in the bomb itself, they really just look like re-hydrated buds in the water. I immediately scooped them up and threw them out. Much more romantic in theory than practice. Would I purchase it again? The scent was divine and long lasting but there were no bubbles and no real skin benefits I could feel, so probably not. 

While walking around LUSH sniffing all the bath bombs I was a bit annoyed that everything smelled too sugary sweet until I stumbled across the Honey Bee. That rather huge yellow and beige bath bomb pictured above smells like honey and toffee and all things fantastic. The second I smelled it I knew I had to get it even if it didn't make bubbles or have any sparkles or flowers in it. This isn't a showy bath bomb. It's really all about the scent and the soft skin it gives you. 

Unfortunately it does turn the water a rather unappetizing shade of yellow and the scent in the water isn't as prominent as it is in the solid form. I was a bit worried after reading reviews saying it leaves a stain and residue on the tub that's hard to remove but that wasn't the case for me. All I had to do was rinse the tub off with the shower head after the tub drained and it was good to go. Would I repurchase it? Although I'm in love with the scent and my skin did feel very soft, it was a bit underwhelming and the yellow water was just wrong. But if they made a shower gel with this scent I would be all over it!

So that was my LUSH haul! Even though I wasn't bowled over by everything I bought I enjoyed the experience of trying them all and think they all smelled absolutely fantastic. Do you have any favorite products from LUSH? Anything I should try?

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