The Spray-and-Go Deodorant

It seems like everywhere I look these days there's a promotion for dry antiperspirant sprays. Though the formula isn't popular in the states, in Europe it's much more prevalent. I've always been a bit intrigued by the ease of a spay-and-go deodorant but since I sweat quite a bit I wasn't sure if it would give me the coverage I need. Dove, Degree and Axe all just released new dry sprays but when I saw that they were on sale I opted to try the Degree MotionSense DrySpray Antiperspirant in Shower Clean.

I tend to over-apply deodorant to make sure that I don't end the day smelling like sweat, so the spray formula keeps me from applying too much. This was good and bad because since the spray is so light I felt like I needed to apply more and worried even more than usual about not being covered. All you have to do is hold the bottle about 6 inches from your underarm and spritz. Like the claims, the spray is completely dry but if you don't get the distance just right or your spray for too long you do end up with white, powdery residue on your skin. The Shower Clean scent smelled fresh and clean and is exactly what I look for in my deodorants. 

Since you have to turn your head in the direction of your underarm to see where you're applying the spray, you do breathe in a bit of it. This can be a bit uncomfortable and can cause coughing, so if you have asthma this definitely wouldn't work for you. Unfortunately I don't think the formula lasts long enough if you tend to sweat a bit. Even in the dead of winter, on days when I wasn't being particularly active or working out, it still didn't last a full day. For my sweating needs, this doesn't really cut it but if you don't sweat too much and want the ease and speed that comes from a spray, this might be worth picking up. 

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