Cris Reviews | EOS Hand Lotion

One thing you can say about EOS is they sure know how to package their products. We all know their trademark spherical lip balms, yes? Well, their Berry Blossom Hand Lotion is no exception. It's ergonomically designed to fit perfectly and comfortably in your hand and the interlocking closure means you'll never have to worry about it spilling in your handbag. Plus, it's kind of pretty to look at.

In terms of formula, the EOS Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom is a lightweight lotion that's non-greasy and absorbs quickly. I feel like it gives you a decent amount of moisturization but unfortunately, for my winter skin it's just not going to cut it. My hands this month seem to have been sucked dry by the cold weather and this hand lotion doesn't seem to be replacing enough of the moisture, or penetrating deep enough into my skin. That said, I think this lotion would be perfect for keeping in my purse during the warmer months when a lighter formula and texture is all I need. Even the fragrant, fruity scent seems reminiscent of warmer days (it also comes in Cucumber and Fresh Flowers). 

All in all, the EOS Hand Lotion is quite a deal for under $2. It's got sturdy, lovely packaging and a light formula more suited to normal skin that doesn't require too much extra moisture. For those really dry hands, pick up a heartier, thicker cream that'll quench your thirsty skin. 

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