A Few LUSH Treats

For Christmas one of my coworkers got me some lovely goodies from LUSH which I've had my eye on for quite some time. It's been years since I've tried anything from the brand but I've always admired their commitment to making fresh, handmade cosmetics that are both vegetarian and vegan, their environmentally conscious packaging and their fight against animal testing. I've heard so many people rave about their bath bombs and shower gels that I knew I needed to give them a try. Here's what I got and what I thought:


How cute is this little bear? The Butter Bear is a seasonal bath bomb with an intoxicating vanilla scent and creamy chunks of cocoa butter that make it fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. But if you're expecting bubbles and pillowy foam then this is not really for you. Since it's a bath bomb rather than a bubble balm, the Butter Bear simply fizzed and spun around in the water when I dropped it into my hot bath. Those little yellow speckles melted leaving a buttery, oily residue in the water. That sounds kind of gross/weird but after a minute or so it dissolved, leaving my skin incredibly soft and moisturized. 

Now, I like my baths really long and really hot. And by "really hot" I mean literally to the point where it's a little painful when I first get in. I know that it's bad for your skin, especially in the dead of winter when moisture levels are already low, but it feels like heaven and so did my skin when I got out of the tub. My legs felt like they had just been moisturized with an oil - smooth and soft but without any stickiness or residue. And the scent! It's so creamy and delicious smelling that you'll never want to get out of the tub.

If you love taking steaming hot baths in the winter or struggle with dry skin you need this bath bomb in your life. Since the Butter Bear's cute, little face is only around during the holiday season, you can pick up the same formula in a spherical shape year round with the Butter Ball

I've always been a big fan of rose-scented products and have even been known to just spray some rose water on in the mornings instead of perfume. I've heard lots of beauty bloggers rave about the scent of LUSH's Rose Jam Shower Gel and knew that I wanted to give it a sniff. Just listen to this description from the LUSH website:

A decadent, rosy shower gel made with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argan oil, Rose Jam leaves your skin soft, hydrated and sweetly-scented.

Although I love them, rose-scented beauty products can go from chic to granny very easily, so I was intrigued by the idea of a scent that combined citrus (which I love) with rose for a fresher, more youthful scent. And it totally works! At first you get more of a fruity, honey scent but there is a definite base of rose underlining and uniting the scents. Using it makes you think of warm summer days eating succulent fruit in a garden. It's sweetly scented like many of LUSH's products, but without that bubble gum, candy sweetness that makes a fragrance cloying and juvenile. There's just something magical about indulging in a little slice of summer in the dead of winter. It gives me hope for warmer days to come.

The more I use the Rose Jam Shower Gel, the more I grow to love it. I'm addicted! Unfortunately, since it's a limited edition, seasonal product (Why!?) it's no longer available for purchase on its own but a mini bottle can be found in the Rosie gift set. You can also find the same amazing scent in bubble bomb form or in one of their new Pearl massage bars.

I think I might be developing a bit of an obsession with LUSH and I'm definitely planning to stop by their shop and smell some things I've been scoping out on their site. If I pick up any new lovelies I will definitely keep you posted. Have you tried any products from this brand before? Any standouts I should try?

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