A Creamy Oil Hybrid for Lips & Cheeks

The Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oils are, as the incredibly long name implies, an oily cream tint that can be applied to either the lips or cheeks for a moisturizing wash of color. I've seen these around Sephora before but hadn't really given them a second thought because there isn't much hype surrounding them. And since I already have oily skin, the idea of adding an oil based product into the mix seemed like a bad idea. My sister-in-law's sister gifted me with this adorable duo for Christmas and I was really intrigued. I was very pleasantly surprised and have really been gravitating towards the Everlasting Honey shade a lot lately.

The texture is a bit of an oddity and I will admit that if you don't shake them up a bit before squeezing the tube the product can separate. Creamy Oil is really the perfect name for it. You can also sometimes end up with little gritty pieces mixed into the oil but it's easily wiped away. With all of that considered, I still really like this product.

I first used it by just squeezing a little bit onto my finger (you only need the tiniest bit) and then dabbing it lightly on the apple of each cheek and blending it all in with clean fingers to make sure there are no harsh edges. The result is a lovely, glowy cheek that looks incredibly natural and fresh. It doesn't look oily or greasy. Just make sure that you don't apply this over powder as it won't blend in as well.

From Top to Bottom:
Timeless Coral, Everlasting Honey

The colors look very similar in the swatch but Everlasting Honey is more of a nudey-pink whereas Timeless Coral is a bit brighter and more red-toned. Although I always thought of this as more of a cheek product, I think where it really shines is on the lips. Chapped winter lips need all the love they can get and the Argan Infinity Creamy Oil works deep into the lips to mositurise and gives a beautiful pink color (Everlasting Honey) that I honestly can't get enough of. Plus, how cute is the paint tube-style packaging?

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the tints lasted on my lips, though if you're looking for a long-wearing product that'll last a whole work day, these really aren't it. If you have naturally dry skin, or winter just has you feeling a bit parched, I would suggest picking up this cute little duo. Don't be fooled by their size. A little really does go a long way.

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