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Bee Carter has spent a lifetime creating her good-girl persona. Three harsh words uttered in anger shred this carefully crafted façade, testing her relationships.

Nicolas, her handsome billionaire, is hiding a decades-old secret. Bee's scandal will draw unwanted attention to his dark past, placing the real estate empire he's built and the employees he manages in peril. Hawke, her tattooed bad-boy biker, protects the rich and famous. His high-profile clients won't want their bodyguard to be linked to Chicago's wild woman.

Both men desire her, craving her touch with a white-hot passion, but who will risk everything to stand by her side—her biker or her billionaire?

I've never been a fan of serials but there is just something about the Sinful Rewards series that keeps me coming back for more. It's really got everything you could want in a romance. You have Nicolas, the wealthy, straight-laced billionaire who always gets his way. Hawke, the ripped, possessive, ex-marine biker with the most fantastically dirty mouth. You have the troubled, spunky heroine with the kind heart who you want to get the guy. But which guy does she really need to getthat is what Sinful Rewards 6 tackles.

As much as Bee has convinced herself that Nicolas is what she should want, her body and her heart yearn for the passion and support that she feels with Hawke. Hawke not only knows of her voyeuristic tendencies, he encourages them and makes her feel liberated and accepted. He knows about her rumor-filled childhood and understands her need to have a secure home environment and to maintain her good girl reputation. 

Nicolas, on the other hand, feels that Bee's reputation needs to be impeccable and that her passionate responses are a bit of an messy encumbrance. When a nasty rumor about Bee begins circulating in the tabloids putting her and her roommate, Cyndi, at risk, Bee is sure that the storybook future she pictured with Nicolas is no longer possible. Facing the same kind of persecution her mother faced, Bee is set to leave Chicago for good, losing her lover and best friend. 

If I wasn't already a member of Team Hawke, Sinful Rewards 6 definitely would have made me one. Whereas Nicolas is restrained and judgmental, Hawke encourages Bee to be who she really is, unabashedly, and listens to her concerns and fears. With Nicolas, Bee is always the shoulder to lean on, the listener, the one to pamper and coddle him after a hard day. With Hawke there is some actual give and take. He asks her for help with his cases and teases her about her neurotic tendencies. I'm often shocked by how many elements Cynthia Sax can work into this love triangle in just one short story. 

One of my favorite elements of this book was Cyndi's return and her evolution as a character. She always seemed a bit flighty and spoiled in the previous books but when she returns from California in love she really opens herself up to Bee and some wonderfully open discussions ensue. Of course there are also some hilarious jokes about Bee's new, undeserved reputation and the back-and-forth really makes me wish I had my own Cyndi, because who wouldn't want to make it rain gummy worms?

Sinful Rewards 6 marked some decided character growth in the series and eye-opening revelations. Hawke continued to be the incredibly delicious, dirty-talking, possessive and understanding man that he is and the book boyfriend of so many of my dreams. Although at previous times in the series I was disconcerted by Bee's fixation with her rewards from the mysterious "Friendly", which felt a bit too much like prostitution for my taste, I was really won over by her realization that these expensive gifts don't really make her happy or change what strangers think about her. She now seems to be following Friendly's demands more because it allows her to put on a show for Hawke, which excites her, and less as a means of gaining expensive merchandise. I feel like I grew to love and respect all the characters so much more in Sinful Rewards 6 (except Nicolas, Team Hawke Forever!).

I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment of Sinful Rewards! Cynthia Sax has me hooked! And if Cyndi ever gets her own series you can be sure I'll be picking that one up too.

Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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*Make sure to get caught up on the previous installments of the series before beginning Sinful Rewards 6. There's so much you won't want to miss! And at just 99¢ each how can you resist?

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