Products I've Used Up #2

Every so often I like to compile the empty products I've used up to reevaluate how I actually feel about the products and if it's worth it for me to repurchase. Here's a look at some of the things I've gone through lately.

If you remember from my Portuguese Beauty Haul post, my mother brought this back for me from Portugal but sadly I wasn't very impressed.This body wash has a bland, classic soap smell and produces minimal lather. If I were able to repurchase it I definitely wouldn't. I just didn't feel experience any benefits of its "natural oils" and the weird, liquid formula just threw me off.

This is another body wash that just didn't thrill me. I purchased it a while back because I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop and was hoping this would nip my body breakouts in the bud. Unfortunately not only did it not really work on my breakouts but the smell was just...really bad. I can honestly say I hate the smell of Tea Tree Oil and I think if it had been mitigated by some mint it might have been more pleasant to use. This body wash has been raved about and was even an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner, but it just didn't do the trick for me. I currently have a new body wash from The Body Shop I just picked up so I hope that one works for me.

This is my absolute favorite deodorant. I'm the kind of girl who actually sweats quite a bit and I hate smelling like I've been running laps all day when I get home. We all know I don't run so why should I smell like it? With Secret Clinical Strength I still smell fresh and clean at the end of the day! And of course I need the clear gel formula because I don't like having my clothes ruined with white deodorant stains. This is a forever repurchase item! 

I just wish the bottle wasn't so incredibly tiny. Plus, it pretty much comes half empty and costs almost $10. I guess that's the price of not smelling like B.O. or having stained clothes. 

I bought this on Amazon a while back because I was looking for a really inexpensive, simple eye cream that would just take care of my basic under eye moisturization needs. This definitely fit the bill and at only $3.87 it was a steal! It's the perfect starter eye-cream if you're a newbie to the skincare game and want to step up your routine a bit. 

In terms of texture, this was probably waterier than what I usually look for—thick, creamy products. But Simple is a brand that prides itself on creating products that are free of harsh chemicals and artificial perfumes or dyes, products that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy. So if your skin is prone to irritation, try keeping it a simple.

I've tried many different store-brand incarnations of Neutrogena's classic eye makeup remover and have found that they all seem to work as well as the original for me. I usually buy the Rite Aid version but picked this one up at Target during a shopping trip. It did a good job of removing my makeup, even my waterproof mascara. But it definitely didn't get it all off though, and I often still ended up with some residual raccoon eyes when I woke up in the mornings. 

Would I repurchase this? Yes, most likely. This stuff does in a pinch, though right now I'm really feeling the whole micellar water trend in makeup removal which doesn't leave that oily finish that makes me feel like I need to cleanse right away.

I've previously mentioned this in my makeup brush cleaning post. I can't tell you how many bottles of this I have gone through. They've changed the scent and formula around a bit over time but at $3 it's a fantastic option for spot cleaning your brushes between deep washes. Just spritz it onto the bristles, wipe the brush on a paper towel to get off the excess makeup and you're done!

This was a recommendation from some of my favorite YouTubers. At first glance this looks like a basic, unremarkable stick concealer (With some very battered packaging. My bad!) but the formula is just fantastic! It offers full, smooth coverage that's moisturizing enough that it doesn't get trapped in creases or dry patches. It works for both blemishes and under eyes but it is quite thick in texture (which I actually really enjoyed but I know some people don't). If you're looking for a full coverage drugstore concealer I would highly recommend this. I'm not a fan of many Covergirl products but this is a definite gem.

Look at how completely drained that lip gloss tube is! Now, that is love. I'm really going to miss this one. The color is actually not as pink as it looks in my picture—more of a muted nude rose. It just looks super natural and effortless on the lips and the formula isn't sticky or too thick. I could see myself settling down with this gloss, loving each other for the long haul. There's very little it doesn't work with. If you love a more natural lip look you definitely need to go out and get this!

It seems like so very long ago that I bought this. This has a thick, traditional mask formula that you slap on your face and let dry and harden. While washing it off the mask transforms into an exfoliating scrub. It does a wonderful job of deep cleaning your pores and making your skin feel fresh. If you have oily, acne-prone skin this is a fantastic mask option that will de-grease and revive your skin. Don't get turned off by the words "blue corn". There's no odd smells or creepy texture. This stuff is great and I would definitely give it another go.

Those are all of the empty products I've used up lately. Do you ladies like empties posts? Have you ever tried any of these products? What products have you used up lately? Let me know!

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