Keeping Your Holiday Look Perfect All Through the Night

When choosing the makeup you'll wear for your holiday parties it's important to pick things that will stay in place for the long haul and look great in photos. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you looking fresh all through the night.

To make sure your makeup stays in place and doesn't fade as quickly, use a face primer before applying your makeup. This will give you a smooth, even canvas to work with and give your makeup something to stick to so that it doesn't just sink into your pores. It's also important to prime your eye lids with an eye primer so that your powder eye-shadows don't look flaky and start to fade before you can even knock back your first eggnog. Primer not only makes your makeup look better, it makes it last longer. Win-win.

Avoid SPF
As much as I love protecting my skin from sun-damage, products with SPF create a white cast to the skin when using flash photography. To avoid looking like Casper in all of your holiday photos try to use a moisturizer and foundation that do not contain SPF.

Set Your Makeup
To reduce shine and keep your makeup locked in place throughout the night, brush on some translucent setting powder after applying your foundation. If you notice that you're getting a bit shiny throughout the night just dab on some more to touch up. Just avoid using setting powders that are labelled as "HD" because they can create an awful flash back effect in photographs.

To further reduce shine and keep your makeup from fading you can spritz on a setting spray after applying your makeup. This will further the wear-time of your whole face of makeup.

Carry blotting sheets with you to touch up throughout the night when your t-zone is starting to shine more than your winning personality. Most blotting sheets are formulated to remove excess oils with minimal disruption to your makeup so you won't have to worry about having to reapply.

Line Your Lips
Lip liner is making a big comeback thanks to ladies like Kylie Jenner who use it to exaggerate the shape and size of their pout. Although that is definitely an added bonus, using lip liner on the entirety of your lips before applying your lipstick or lip gloss both extends the wear time of your lip color and keeps the color from bleeding around the edges of your lips. The lip liner functions as a primer of sorts for your lipstick to adhere to so that it doesn't just soak into your lips. This also means you'll have to reapply less frequently throughout the night!

Use Waterproof
Between sweat and possible tears, your eye makeup can easily smudge throughout the night leaving you looking a bit worse for wear. Using both waterproof liner and mascara will keep your eyes looking fresh even when you're feeling ready to drop from exhaustion. Plus, waterproof mascara holds a curl better than regular mascara so your lashes will remain extra fluttery.

A few extra spritzes of hairspray can be the difference between a look that screams bombshell or hair that falls flat.

More Than A Pretty Face
If you're planning to wear a dress with bare legs consider using a tinted moisturizer or sunless tanner on your legs to fight that ghostly pale look. I sometimes spook myself when I see how chalky my legs look in the winter and adding a few drops of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup into my lotion gives me a wash of color that also covers up any veins or weird bumps.

There's only so much prep work you can do before heading out for the night. To touch up your look on the go, here are a few things to tuck into your clutch to stay photo-ready until the sun comes up.

  • Your lipstick / lip gloss -because with eating and drinking it's the first thing to go.
  • Blotting Sheets -leave the shining to the Christmas lights.
  • Translucent Powder -bonus if it has a mirror.
  • A Mini Hair Claw or Ribbon Hair Tie -you can put your hair up without leaving a crease.
  • A Mini Hairspray -put an end to droopy hair or a run in your stockings.
  • Band-Aid Friction Block Stick -because heels don't love us the way we love them.

What kind of makeup look are you planning for the holidays? A bold lip? Maybe a smokey eye? Have you ever had issues with flash back in your photos? 

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