Brown Sugar & Fig

When I saw the Triple Moisture Body Cream in Brown Sugar & Fig on Bath & Body Work's website a few weeks ago, the scent sounded like something I would absolutely love. I've been on a fig & plum kick lately and thought the addition of brown sugar would make this a seasonally-appropriate scented body cream. For those who haven't read some of my previous beauty posts, I am a very lazy body moisturizer and wanted something I could just slap on after getting out of the shower and not have to fuss over too much.

In actuality, this scent of this body cream is very sweet but with a depth that is a bit more grown up than cotton candy-esque fare. I think if you're a woman who loves sweet scents but is looking for something a bit more autumnal in nature, this would be a great option. You definitely pick up more of a brown sugar scent than fig, so sadly this wasn't really what I was hoping for in the scent department.

But in terms of moisturization, I think the cream did a good job of nourishing my parched, fresh-from-a-steamy-shower skin. It has just a touch of an oily feel once it's applied which didn't bother me since I was just using a small amount and my skin was usually still slightly damp. I think this formula would be great for using on your legs because it would give you a hint of a sheen.

Personally, the scent is just too strong and sweet for my taste. I mean, this scent lingers on my clothes and bedding for days after applying it. If you're looking for a long-lasting scent from your body cream this is definitely the one for you.

I feel like Bath & Body Works usually puts more effort into cultivating and delivering a scent than necessarily creating bath products that moisturize well, but I think the formula of this cream would work well for most winter skin. Would I purchase this again? Probably not. But that's mostly due to my expectations of the scent which weren't exactly met. I'll still most likely continue to use the moisturizer throughout the season.

Have you ever ordered a cream or scent just based off the name? Did you live to regret it? Do you like sweet scents?

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