What I've Been Watching | November 2014

This month I've been a bit scattered in terms of my TV routine. I've been trying to get caught up on some of my usual favorites as well as indulging in some oldies-but-goodies on Netflix. None of my favorites from the past month are new shows I just came across, but I've definitely enjoyed the new episodes I've watched (or re-watched) in November.

I started off the month with a bit of a Netflix binge. One of my favorite guilty pleasures, which I'm not at all guilty about, is Chopped. It's my absolute favorite cooking show and I think it combines a knowledgeable but unpretentious host, funny and insightful judges and interesting ingredients. I like that each dish in the round has the same fundamental ingredients and that it's the spin that the contestants puts on them, and their individual techniques and creativity that make them stand out. I can literally spend days just watching episodes back to back on Netflix (and have in the past).

Another show I caught up on this month courtesy of Netflix was Sons of Anarchy. They finally added the 6th season to instant streaming and I watched it all as soon as I realized. I had to take breaks in between episodes before finishing the season, not because I was bored or too busy, but because I became so angry and frustrated with the characters. Season 6 was incredibly intense and heart-breaking at times. And boy does the season have an INSANE ending. I can't wait to watch the final season and see how it all plays out and who survives the final ride.

Although I'm a big fan of Scandal, the beginning of this season hadn't really been thrilling me. I took a few weeks off from the show and when I had a break in my schedule I decided to catch up on Hulu. I understand now that the duller moments in the earlier episodes were really building the trail of breadcrumbs to a greater story. Now I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next. If you haven't watched Scandal before, it's a show that you can always count on to throw you for a loop and keep things interesting. Plus the acting and writing are superb so there's really no reason not to watch it.

This month Supernatural had its 200th episode and like many of my favorite episodes it was deliciously meta. This season has been a little slow to pull me in so far but that's how the past few seasons have been, and then half way through the season it gets unbelievably good. I can't wait to see where this season will go.

In November, my very favorite mini series, North & South, turned 10 years old! It's based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell (which is also fantastic) about Margaret Hale, a woman from Southern England who is forced to move to an industrial town in the North when her father decides to leave his post as a clergyman. I've always loved the multitude of classes and struggles you get to see in the series. Visually the imagery is often breathtaking, while the emotional story and acting pulls at your heartstrings.

I've already watched the series at least 5 times in the last few years and it's like comfort food to me. Sometimes I just get in a mood and want to re-watch it. Plus Richard Armitage's voice just makes you melt (not to mention the kiss). Mr. Thornton's brooding stare puts Mr. Darcy to shame. If you're a fan of period dramas or bbc mini series, it's definitely a must!

So that's it for my November TV favorites. What have you been watching this month? Any new favorites I should add to my list? Do you have a favorite BBC mini series?

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