No Spend November: Update

As we're more than half way through November I thought I'd give you all an update on how my spending ban is going. If you missed my post earlier this month, I decided to institute a beauty-centric spending ban for the whole month of November. This was something I decided to do for myself to limit spending before the holiday season and to just give myself a bit of a break so that I could play around with the lovely things I already have in my collection that often go unused.

The beginning of this month tested my resolve a bit. Not only did Sephora have its VIB sale the first week of November, but Ulta had its Friends & Family sale, both giving shoppers 20% off their entire purchase. Now, Ulta does give out 20% codes from time to time, usually just for use on one item, but Sephora only has a sale like this once a year. And I missed them both *sad face*. A good sale is one of the hardest things for me to resist so I'm proud that I made it through unscathed.

My method for resisting makeup temptations at the drugstore has basically been to just avoid the drugstore altogether. I even went to Target over the weekend and didn't stop by the beauty department at all. Nor did I even hit up the clothing or accessories departments. In fact, I haven't purchased any clothes or accessories at all since the month began.

Although my No Spend November spending ban is only limited beauty related purchases I did want to limit my spending overall and I've been very successful with that up until now. That being said. I am planning to do some 'Black Friday' shopping and pick up some sweaters and winter attire. I also just got a new eyeglass prescription from my Doctor and am hoping to stop by Warby Parker next week to take home some new specs.

But in terms of beauty, this spending ban is going for the long haul. I'm excited to see it through and avoidance seems to be the best tactic for defying my discount junkie tendencies. I have also been adding anything I really like to my Amazon Wish List to keep tabs on it but I'll most likely have to start sorting through it all to determine what I really want now that Christmas is imminent.

Have any of you instituted spending bans this month? Any new beauty purchases you want to rave about? C'mon, let me live vicariously through you!

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