Crazy Smooth Is Right

Another prize from the Allure Magazine August Free Stuff Giveaway arrived this month and I've become a bit obsessed with it.

When I found out that I won the ColorProof CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil I wasn't very excited. Sure, I was happy I had won something (squee!), but since my hair has never been colored I didn't see the point in using a serum that promised to protect my color and was specially formulated for color-treated hair. But this oil doesn't just protect your color, it gives your hair an incredible shine and de-frizzes without leaving your hair feeling greasy.

This clear treatment oil, with its serum-like texture, also acts as a heat protector and can be applied to both wet and dry hair, to protect, nourish and smooth. As of right now I've only tried the product on dry hair as a finisher and the smoothness is unreal. My hair has never felt so soft and silky. I love a good all-rounder and will definitely be trying this out on my wet hair and prior to heat-styling.

My only issue with the CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil is the packaging. The product comes in a pump, which I love, because it's so handy but I feel like the tube inside the pump should be smaller. The way the packaging is designed, the pump is just releasing too much product which results in a sad waste of an awesome oil. Just half a pump is more than enough for my hair.

Whether your hair is color-treated or you just want shinier, smoother locks, this beauty is definitely worth giving a try. Don't you just love it when a products holds up to its claims?

What do you use to make your hair shinier and reduce frizz? Are you a fan of hair oils?

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