September Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal & Review

Although we're already half way through October, I received my September Ipsy bag late in the month so I haven't been able to show you all what I got. I wanted to make sure I was really able to give you my opinion on the items rather than just putting up a "here's what I got" post. The September bag's theme was Street Style, which worked perfectly during Fashion Week season. Now, let's get to the goods. 

This cleanser contains cucumber and watercress to hydrate and cleanse while giving your skin a dose of antioxidants. I wasn't excited to receive this because I actually hate the smell of cucumber in products (awful Nair flashbacks) but luckily it just smells like plain soap. It has a gel-cream hybrid texture and creates a lot of lather when you start scrubbing your face. It did make my skin feel clean and soft but it's probably not something that I would purchase on my own. It's pretty much just a basic, everyday cleanser and I've already got some other things I would rather use on a regular basis. But if you are looking for a mild cleanser that won't irritate your skin and also just happens to be  Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Organic, then give it a try!

I wasn't really expecting anything crazy from this liner in terms of wear time because I know Pacifica is usually a brand focused on being 100% Vegan and working with natural, skin-pampering ingredients. But I was pleasantly surprised! The liner went on smoothly and stayed in place all day long without smudging. I couldn't believe how well it held up. And there is definitely a rich color to the liner. You can tell that it's a deep brown, not some bland pigmently-challenged, generic, "dark" shade. In the mornings I'm usually in too much of a rush to use liner, but I'll definitely be making an effort to work this into the routine a bit more. And if it's something you consider when looking for a liner, this product has tons of ingredients your skin loves (Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin C & E) and none of the ones it doesn't (Lanolin), Mineral Oil, Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum, Propylene Glycol, SLS, Gluten, Peanut Oil).

Swatches From Left to Right: Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil in Fringe and Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet
It's important to note that I'm a bit terrified of wearing red lipstick. I love it on other people. I mean, nothing looks chicer than a red lip! But on me...I feel like I'm just trying too hard. Oh, and it realllllly makes me notice how tiny my mouth is in proportion to the rest of my face. So, take that into account with the rest of my review. The texture of the Hikari lipstick is nice and smooth. It's very pigmented with the perfect Fall Cranberry color. I applied it full-on, straight from the tube and straight onto my lips (no balm or liner). This definitely needs a liner to bolster the wear time and make sure it doesn't bleed into the skin around your lips. My lips seemed to just soak it up and within one hour of just sitting and watching TV (no eating or drinking) the color had faded into a pretty pitiful state. So if you're looking for a Fall lipstick with a long-wearing finish, personally, this just isn't it. 

I already own a lot of makeup brushes but this one really is a welcome edition. It's incredibly soft and wonderfully cut. The shadow side is fluffy and flared at the ends but pinched and flat near the ferrule. Basically it's the perfect shape for getting shadow onto your lids evenly and smoothly, The crease side of the brush is cut so precisely and the bristles are so packed that it look like a domed smudger tip. It's also stiff due to how packed the bristles are which makes it ideal for precision application of shadows. I love using the crease side to apply shadow to my bottom lash line. Although I would still need a fluffy crease brush to blend and finish my eye look, this brush pretty much simplifies eye-makeup application. If you're just starting out with makeup or you're looking for a more travel-friendly eye brush, definitely pick up this beauty.

Alterna Haircare CAVIAR CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction (Deluxe Sample - 0.85 oz)
This cream arrived at just the perfect time! Since I ran out of my Fekkai Glossing Cream I've been looking for a beefed-up finishing cream that gives me a bit more than just slightly shiny hair. I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair and anything that cuts down on styling time is a friend in my book. This stuff not only leaves my hair shiny and reduces frizz, but protects as well! You can put this into your damp hair and blow-dry it for a smooth, soft finish or use the cream as a finisher to perfect your style. And to top it all off, it smells like citrus and herbs! This blows my old glossing cream out of the water and allows us all to be lazy girls with beautiful, shiny hair.

And to finish it all off, I received a lovely studded makeup bag. It's pewter with square studs and it perfectly reflects this month's theme. I think I might have to switch out the pouch currently in my purse for this one as it's perfect for this season but still edgy and trendy. It's one of my favorite makeup bags I've received his year!

So that's all of it! For just $10 a month, you can sign up for your own Ipsy bag and receive a monthly, individualized bag filled with beauty samples and full-sized products. If you do want to sign up, you can use my referral code

Are you signed up for any monthly beauty subscriptions? Anything you received last month that you loved or hated?

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