October Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal & Review

 It's that time of the month again when I find a little beauty treat for myself in the mail in the form of a new Ipsy Glam Bag. This month's theme is Beauty Candy. Check out what I got in this month's bag.

How adorably tiny is this? Ipsy got it exactly right when it comes to choosing a color that I'll actually wear. This muted mauvey-pink is right up my street. The texture and sweet scent are very reminiscent of the NYX Butter Glosses which I'm a big fan of. The gloss is well pigmented and smooth, but maybe a tiny bit stickier than the NYX. But unlike a lot of lip gloss it actually lingers on your lips so that you don't have to keep reapplying every 10 minutes. It's already made a home for itself in my purse and I've been using it on a daily basis.

When I first found out that I would be receiving this in my bag I was fairly disappointed. I'm not a fan of loose pigment shadows to begin with but green! C'mon, Ipsy. Do you know me at all? I was actually completely wrong about this.

The green shade is a beautiful moss color with golden flecks of shimmer that blends very well with the more neutral colors I tend to wear on a daily basis. It also goes very well with my brown eyes and makes them pop. I've been wearing it in the crease with my Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye-Shadow in Bad to the Bronze on the lids and the combination is perfection. The shadow is very shimmery though, so I do tend to feel a bit overdone when wearing it during the day. But for a Fall nighttime look, this would be a great option for someone looking to add a bit of color into their eye look.

Who doesn't love the convenience of a cleansing cloth that doesn't require water to cleanse your skin and remove your makeup? Well, I don't usually. Mostly because I feel like typical cloths don't do a good job of removing all of your makeup or of leaving your skin feeling clean. The cloths are actually very thick and strong in texture. I really didn't expect these wipes to take off my makeup as well as they did. They worked just as well as my micellar water at removing my face and eye makeup and left my skin feeling fairly clean. These are a great option for carrying in your bag if you're heading to the gym, traveling or spending the night at a friend's.

This is probably my least favorite product from the whole bag. I love a good hand cream but this just isn't it. The texture felt a bit too watery to me and the scent reminds me more of fruit flavored gum than actual mango or orange.

I have a few highlighters in my collection but since I have such oily skin I tend not to wear them very often. I don't want to intensify the shininess on my skin by adding glow-enhancing products. This highlighter is fantastic though. It's an oily-creamy texture but so light in feel and subtle in appearance. Just the tiniest dab leaves you looking awake and fresh without looking like a disco-ball. I'm definitely going to try to work this into my winter makeup routine a bit more as it's the time of year when our skin tends to look the dullest and driest. This is my first experience with Doll10 but I would definitely try more of their products based on the quality of this alone.

And last but not least, the bag itself. This month's bag was a teal, textured pouch that I'm actually not a big fan of. I like the raised-square texture of it but I don't like the color in combination with the texture and shine. It just seems a bit unusual and I feel like a different color might have been a bit chicer. I understand that it was made to go with the Beauty Candy theme and still be seasonally appropriate, but it's just not for me. 

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Are you signed up for any monthly beauty subscriptions? Would you wear green eye-shadow?

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