Fall Style Staples: The Statement Tee

In the past I've vocalized how uncool I thought printed t-shirts were but this past year my opinion has definitely shifted. Although I still don't like shirts with giant printed logos or branding, I've become quite partial to statement tees, or rather, t-shirts with a slogan or message clearly printed across them. I think they pair so well with both skirts and jeans and add a casual, relaxed vibe to dressier pieces.

There's just something cheeky and playful about wearing a printed statement tee. It gives people a little peek into your personality without actually having to say a word. But that said, balancing the outfit is definitely crucial. You want the look to read relaxed but still on-point. Try to play with print or bold color in another piece and keep your accessory game strong.

Of course, for a really casual look you can just pair it with your favorite everyday jeans. But if you want to achieve Street-Styler status, keep your other pieces strong. I think the easiest way to keep it chic is by picking a tee that sticks to a basic palette of black, grey and white. That allows the shirt to serve as the blank canvas on which you build your look.

Here are some of my favorite statement tees that I've stumbled across on the inter-web:

 From Left to Right:

Just for reference on how much I'm loving this trend, in the past couple of weeks I've bought 3 slogan tees. I seem to be amassing a collection. As you can tell from my picks above, I'm also partial to statements in French and Spanish. I've always been linguistically inclined (I was a French Major and I speak 4 languages) so it's a way for me to play up that side of my personality. There's definitely something for everyone if you shop around, so why not get a little sassy and let your shirt do the talking this Fall.

What do you ladies think of this trend? Is it here to stay or a passing fancy? What would you pair with a slogan tee?


  1. Totally with you on the statement tees in Spanish and French. MAS!

    J. Crew sometimes has some nice ones, too. Theirs usually have the slogans written out in what looks like handwriting font.

    1. I actually stumbled across www.thuglifeshirts.com a few days after posting this and now I'm kind of obsessed. I've already added 2 of their tees to my wishlist because I think I've possibly been buying myself too many statement tees lately. One of them says "Book Boys Are Better". Well said, t-shirt. Well said.