Weekly Rundown #1

I had a few new things come my way this week that I wanted to let you all in on. Most of this is just a sneak peak, and I'll definitely give you a more detailed review in the upcoming weeks.

Yesterday I went to Target with my mom looking for a couple of things I wanted. Sadly they didn't have any of the things I had gone there specifically to get but I did come across a cute flannel shirt which I bought for 20% off thanks to my Cartwheel app. I used to have a shirt like this (similar plaid but not flannel) years ago which I was obsessed with but I somehow stained it and had to throw it away. I never really let it go.

For some reason, earlier last week I had a craving for Keebler Vienna Fingers and everywhere I went they were sold out. It drove me crazy. Luckily they had them at Target! But sadly, once I actually tasted them I realized the ones I was really craving were the mini version. It sounds ridiculous but the cookie to creme ratio is completely different. There's just too much cookie in these.

I got a huge surprise in the mail earlier in the week! Well two really. Firstly, I finally received the Real Techniques brushes which I won from a contest in the May issue of Lucky Magazine. I'm already an enormous fan of the brand and I'm so happy to now have a full set of brushes. I'll definitely be doing a full review of all the brushes coming up on the blog and since I already own some of them, maybe a little giveaway.

The second surprise I received was an advanced reader's copy of KEEP ME SAFE by Maya Banks. There aren't enough exclamation points for that sentence. I'm an enormous fan of Maya Banks and am so excited that I get to read the first book in her new romantic suspense series before it's released on October 7th. A very big thank you to HarperCollins and Avon Romance for sending me the book to review! Thems the perks of being an Avon Addict. And on a side note, this book is so soft and velvety! You just want to stroke it while you read it (sorry if that sounds dirty).

And the final note on this weekly rundown is that I finally got the Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 fragrance I've been lusting after for months! There is so much hype in the beauty world around this and I'm definitely going to be putting it through its paces before posting a review on the blog.

So I hope you've enjoyed this little update. Can't wait to dig in to all of these pretties!

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