The 5 Returning Fall Shows I'm Most Excited About

While everyone in buzzing about Gotham and the other much anticipated new Fall series, I'm impatiently awaiting the return of some of my old favorites.

Supernatural (CW)
It's hard to believe that this will be the Winchester Brothers's 10th season on television! I was a bit of a late comer to the series and didn't start watching until around season 5, but I was hooked swiftly and surely and backtracked through all the seasons I had missed. Every season I seem to go through this routine where I start off watching faithfully, fall out of interest somewhere around episode 10, and then eventually get caught up once the season is finished and everyone is raving about how insane it was.

For some reason the second half of the season is always SO DAMN GOOD. And it has nothing to do with the man candy, though that always helps. It's hard to believe they're still coming up with new story-lines after some of the things these brothers have been through. I won't spoil anything for those who have yet to hop on the bandwagon, but if you've got some spare time, mosey on over to Netflix and get your binge on.

The dynamic between the recurring characters is marvelous! There is drama, action and a lot of surprising comedy. Last season had an insane ending and I have no idea where the show is going from here but I absolutely can't wait to have my boys back, in any form I can get them.

Chicago Fire (NBC)
Last season's finale left off on an enormous cliff-hanger with the majority of the team in peril and I can't wait to see how it'll all turn out! This was another case where a show I started watching because of the man candy appeal (umm....Firemen, duh) quickly worked its way into my heart. I watched the first season thinking it was a good show, but I remember thinking before the second season aired "Why do I like it so much? Just because of the firemen?". As soon as the second season began I was completely blown away and understood exactly why I kept coming back for more.

The stories are phenomenal, the cases are always surprising and the camaraderie feels genuine. Somehow, even with so many characters, they find a way to let you get to know and love each and every one.This is the only show currently on TV that I absolutely need to watch when it airs. I sit through all the commercials and live tweet along with everyone else every week.

Chicago PD (NBC)
As you can guess, I started watching Chicago PD because of my love of Chicago Fire. I started to get to know some of the characters on Fire and wanted to see how they grew and changed on their own show. At first I couldn't get past thinking "This just isn't as good as Chicago Fire" but with time I grew to fall in love with some of the characters and respect others. They do make an effort to give you unexpected and new cases and the romances and personal dramas definitely keep you coming back to see how it'll progress. I can't wait to see if, as in the case of Chicago Fire, the second season will blow me away,

Scandal (ABC)
This is yet another show I came into late, binge watching the first 3 seasons on Netflix. For the longest time I talked myself out of watching it, even with the all the buzz surrounding it, because I'm just not a fan of political intrigue. If you tell me there is a political element to a show, I will automatically not want to watch it. But after tons of recommendations I decided to give it a try, and I was hooked with the first episode. It started off as more of a procedural law show with a kick-ass female lead and lots of back story drama. Throughout the seasons they definitely filter in much more political drama but somehow it's just so juicy and fantastic that I didn't mind.
If you have any preconceived notions about Scandal (Girly, Political, Romantic, Too Much Drama) then set them aside and just give it a couple of episodes. I dare you not to become addicted.

American Horror Story (FX)
I've been watching American Horror Story since the first season and although I'm not a big horror movie fan, it's one of my favorite shows. If you've never seen it, each season is a completely different story,often using the same actors, but in different roles and time periods. I'm constantly astounded by the caliber of acting and the compelling development of the characters. This season the story will revolve around a Freak Show and I'm purposely avoiding trailers and spoilers of any kind so I don't have any idea what to expect. In past seasons there have been serial killers, ghosts, demons, witches and other supernatural elements, so I'm really curious to see how Freak Show will choose to define "horror".

If you're curious about any of the other shows I'm looking forward to, returning or new, check out my TV podcast, Antenna Heads. Lately my co-hosts and I've been looking at the trailers for next season's TV shows and giving our thoughts on what we think will do well and what we think will be cancelled first. Last year we even took bets on which show would be cancelled first and I won!

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