Fall Style Staples: The Printed Pants

When it comes to Fall fashion, or dressing in general really, I like to try and keep things as effortless as possible. I'm the kind of person who is usually running late (mostly because I love to sleep) and being able to just toss a few basics together in the mornings makes things so much simpler. That said, I don't like to look basic.

I'm a print lover if ever there was one and that is usually the way in which I make a statement with my outfits. That or some kick-ass accessories, but I digress. When it comes to style this Fall, there's no easier way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit than with a pair of printed pants. 

Just supplementing a boring pair of skinny jeans with a pair of printed trousers takes you from average to It Girl. You can literally wear them with just a basic tee or button down and look like you're the kind of person who spends countless hours pre-planning her outfits. If prints scare you, make sure that these pants are your statement piece. Let them do the talking for the rest of  your outfit by keeping everything else simple. You can always go with a pattern that's a little more subtle or monochromatic.

I always feel a little bolder and more confident when I wear patterned trousers. Like "Hey everybody! I've got my sassy pants on. Watch out!". As of right now, I have a couple of pairs of printed pants but I'm looking to add a pair of tartan skinnies to my collection, both because I'm a bit obsessed with Scotland and because tartan is pretty much the print of the season. The options available now in stores are pretty much endless so you can go from something subtle, like polka-dots, to some big and bold florals. Check out a few of my favorites:

From Left to Right:
(The Pixie pants are now on sale for $25. I own 2 pairs of these and they are super stretchy, extremely comfortable and make your booty look amazing!)

When choosing a pair, fit and proportion are crucial. You want pants that work with your shape and a print that doesn't dwarf you. Your goal is to look chic and bold, not like you're wearing pajama bottoms or clown pants. Now go out there and get yourself some fancy pants! You'll earn some serious style points and fool everyone into thinking you're a street-style goddess.

How do you feel about prints? Would you wear any of these?

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